Trendiest eyeshadow palettes of this year!

Do you have a thing for eyes that speak for themselves? A set of stunning and defined eyes may leave an indelible impression with their understated drama. Consider Deepika Padukone’s or Audrey Hepburn’s most expressive eyes. Aside from nature’s gift of expressive eyes, the correct blend of eyeshadows with eyeshadow palettes can help you achieve that mesmerizing look. They not only define, but also contour, highlight, and even change the color of your eyes. 

Let’s check out the latest eyeshadow trends!

Multicolor Eyes

Multicolor Eyes

For something a little more bold, try blending numerous colours at once. This is one of the best and most popular eye makeup looks we’ve seen, with so many distinct eyeshadows! To give your eyelids a neutral base and prevent the eyeshadow from fading or smearing, all you need is an eyeshadow primer and a palette full of bright colours. 

No-Makeup Makeup

Less is more is one of the most recent eyeshadow trends. The “No-Makeup” aesthetic has been on the fringes for a while, but it took centre stage this year. Clean, dewy complexion, gently flushed cheeks, and neutral-colored lips with brushed-up brows and delicate lashes complete the appearance. To achieve this look, you’ll need a good lip-and-cheek tint as well as a great mascara and a matte eyeshadow palette!

Mysterious & Magical

Adding a hint of mystery to your eyelids is another popular makeup trend this year. For something out of this world, use a metallic eyeshadow or glitter eyeshadow or stick-on stars to add some glitter or sparkle to your outfit. To get a mysterious look, set away your matte eyeshadow for a while and opt for something a little more adventurous — a liquid or sparkly eyeshadow should suffice.

Get Graphic

This year, colours like electric blue found their way onto the eyelids of the beauty-obsessed, and we’re not complaining! Bold eyeliner isn’t just the stripes of blue we saw in the 1960s — we’re not mad about it! The ‘graphic eyeliner fad,’ as it’s been dubbed, is expected to be around for a long time. Get yourself a eye palette with the pigmented trendy colours like blue and orange and red and green and purple!

Winged smokey eye makeup

Giving up the classic smokey eye and winged eyeliner is maybe the eighth deadly sin when it comes to eye makeup. As a result, we combined the two! A generous amount of primer, the matching of rich, dark colours, careful mixing, and artful smudging are all required for the ideal smokey eye. When you add a traditional winged eyeliner to the mix, the result is an eye-makeup look that most people can’t keep their gaze away from!

Gold Cut Crease

The slashed crease is the holy grail of dramatic eye makeup. A cut crease is just a clean and defined eyelid crease that has been highlighted by cutting across it with cosmetics. This small trick widens your eyes by adding depth and dimension, giving you a doe-eyed appearance. A simple yet effective way to make a dramatic statement with just your eyes is to use a sparkly gold eyeshadow makeup on the lid and a deeper, bronzer tint on top.

Orange And Champagne 

When it comes to eye makeup ideas for Indian skin tones, the colour of rust is unquestionably one of the most attractive. A striking look is created by combining a burned orange eyeshadow with a classic champagne colour, which is easy to produce with two or three matching eyeshadow shades.

Best eyeshadow kits in the market!

Here are the best eyeshadow palettes for women if you’re looking to amp up the drama in your eyes.

1. Maybelline New York The 24K Gold Nude Palette Eyeshadow

Maybelline’s 24K gold-nude palette is designed for stylish females who enjoy the flash of a camera. They’re made specifically for flash and photography. The palette includes 12 makeup tones in a variety of beautiful colours infused with shiny gold pigments. This palette is ideal for creating a variety of dramatic looks, with shimmer eyeshadow, nudes, dark smokey colours, and even aubergine tones.

2. Makeup Revolution London 32 Eyeshadow Palette Eyes Like Angels

This eyeshadow kit is kind of THE one you need if you want to have it all, with 32 colours in one single palette. It features a wonderful range of dazzling colours, daily matte shades, and even interesting experimental shades to enable you to achieve whatever look you like. It also includes a huge full-length mirror.

3. Lakme 9 to 5 Eye Color Quartet Eye Shadow, Desert Rose

The four brilliant colours in this 9 to 5 palette create a stunning sparkling effect. It comes in a quartet, and the colours are pigmented and easily blended. The best way to utilise this palette is to combine all four shades for a wonderful dewy shimmery-pink look. It also lasts a long time, so you can wear it on a daily basis as well as for special occasions. It’s also quite cost-effective.

4. ColorBar Hook Me Up Eyeshadow Palette

ColorBar’s kit offers seven incredibly rich and gorgeous warm-toned colours that make it a fantastic offering for Indian women. The shadows are well pigmented and last a long time. They’re easy to apply and blend flawlessly for a well-defined look. It’s also smudge-proof, budge-proof, and crease-proof.

5. L’Oreal Paris La Palette, Gold

With this L’Oreal Paris Palette, you’ll be ready to play up everything gold. The package includes 10 glittery eye shadows in breathtaking and glamorous colours that range from subtle to bright pinks, rich golds, and even a purple shade to work with. For an enlightened effect, the colours are all laced with beautiful 24 carat gold.

You can find these eyeshadow palettes on the Health and Glow website.

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