An Extensive Guide About How To Tone Brassy Hair At Home With Description?

What is tone brassy hair?

Toning brassy hair is a process of changing the color of yellowing or brassy tones in your locks to a more ashy, ashier shade. Toning is an excellent way to lighten your hair, it can turn dark tones into ashy tones and give you lighter locks without having to bleach them first.

Toning brassy hair is something you can do yourself at home. It requires patience, accuracy, and the right products.

Types of brassy tones

There are generally two types of brassy hair colors, one is when it has a yellowish tint, and the other is when it has an orange tint. For the former, use purple shampoo. You can use either green or purple shampoo! Keep in mind this isn’t necessarily related to your natural hair color. Brassy hair can look brassy with any hair color, whether brunette, blonde, or even redhead.

The brassy hair color shades appear differently depending on your hair color’s tone. If the base hair color tone is brunette, they will appear to look orange or red. For a redhead, the hairs may appear washed out or faded. For blonde hair, the hair color will appear yellow or orange. These unwanted hair color pigments feel frustrating for anyone who got these hairs.

Top 10 best methods about how to tone brassy hair at home?

When it comes to hair coloring, many women get nervous because they feel like the stylist says their hair is a funny color. There are many reasons why a person’s hair may look brassy or orange in tone, and it can be fixed with a green/ash shampoo.

In this article, you learn how to tone brassy hair at home using these products:

1. Use purple shampoo

Purple shampoos are a great way to tone brassy hair at home using the color violet. Purple tones “cut through” any orange or yellow tones in your hair color, making them appear muted and more silver/ashy blonde. I recommend two purple shampoos, Fanola No Yellow Shampoo or Walla Professionals Silver Lady Violet Shampoo. This is a fantastic shampoo that has better reviews than most salon toners!

2. Take Vitamin C supplements

Vitamin C is known to restore brightness and shine to dull hair! This means you can tone brassy hair at home by simply popping some vitamin c pills! Not only will your hair become much brighter after doing so, but it will also help prevent any future brassiness in your hair color. Many stylists recommend taking these pills up to 2 weeks before you get your hair colored for this exact purpose. 

3. Eat more red foods

Red cranberries, cherries, strawberries, all of these are known to be great for your health and can help get rid of any brassiness in your hair color! There are phytochemicals called anthocyanins in these foods that “reduce” the appearance of brassy orange/yellow tones. This means the natural pigment will become much less noticeable in your hair when you eat lots of these kinds of foods! They work like magic but don’t go overboard on them because they’re very high in sugar.

4. Dip your hair in warm water

This one is a trick that many stylists recommend to their clients who have brassy hair at home! For best results, use lukewarm water and make sure to leave it on for at least 5 minutes (longer if you wish). The hot/warm temperature will “melt” the orange and yellow pigments and leave you with much more silver and ash tones in your hair color! If you’re nervous about getting your hands dirty or don’t have time, then this won’t be a viable option for you. 

5. Use Sulfate-free shampoo

Many shampoos on the market are known to be “sulfate-free,” which means they don’t contain sulfate chemicals. Those who have blonde, silver, or grey hair color may want to opt for this type of shampoo because it won’t strip out all the pigments and will leave a little bit in your hair color so it can lighten up naturally over time. The complete guide about how to tone brassy hair at home using these two products.

6. Do a Hair Mask

You can use any deep conditioning mask you wish; make sure it contains one or more of the following ingredients: coconut milk, olive oil, organ oil, or macadamia oil. These things work to strengthen your hair, reduce breakage, and lighten up any orange/yellow tones in the process. If your hair is damaged, it would probably be best to skip this step because you run the risk of further damaging it when doing specific treatments like this one.

7. Change your towel

If you’re serious about getting rid of brassiness in your hair color, then you should look into changing out all your towels! The pigments from washing your hair with a darker towel will likely transfer onto the lighter colored towels and make them appear much more yellow or orange than they are (this also applies if you use white pillowcases).

8. Use heat protecting products before using heat tools

Heat protectant spray or cream will ensure that your hair is protected from the heat of any hair drying contraptions (blow dryer, flat iron, etc.). This will reduce the chances of your hair color getting darker because of exposure to these things, and it can also help prevent further fading in the long run.

9. Tone multiple times per week

If you want to keep brassiness away for good, then you should consider toning your hair before every other wash. This means you need to buy many purple shampoos, so make sure you have enough money set aside! Toning more than once a week may not be best for significantly damaged hair colors because it could lead to over-fading, which would essentially ruin your current paint completely.

10. Choose a hair color that’s ashy or cool-toned

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If you’re stuck between choosing two different colors, and neither of them will work with your current hair color, then always go with the cashier option. Ashy colors include anything from light brown to medium blonde (basically the lighter side of blonde). These colors are considered ashier because they can help cancel out some yellow/orange tones better than other hair colors. If you already have an ashy color on your hair, this trick won’t work for you! 


How to maintain the hair color, so it doesn’t fade?

As long as you keep to the tips above, your hair color should last at least 6-8 weeks before you start seeing fading again. The only thing that tends to mess it up is whether you use hot tubs/hot pools, chlorine in the water, or saltwater. These things strip all of the pigments out of your hair and can cause fading much more rapidly than usual! 

What causes brassy hair color? 

Brassy hair color occurs when melanin (the colored pigment our body produces) combines with hydrogen peroxide, which results in an orange/yellow hue. This happens because hydrogen peroxide oxidizes melanin and changes the hue to something more orange/yellow than it originally was.
If you decide to use bleach or another type of lightning product, then this process will happen much faster! Keep reading for tips on how to avoid this from happening.

How to get rid of brassiness naturally at home? 

You don’t necessarily need to use a purple shampoo to eliminate brassy tones in your hair color. You can do many things at home that can help even out the color, but if you want something specifically for blondes, then there’s no shame in using one! The trick is to always choose a product with blue pigments and not red/purple ones because those will deepen your hair color instead of lightening it up.

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