How to Look Stylish at 40

It’s not uncommon for a woman to feel like she’s aged out of relevance once she enters her mid-30s. However, it’s important to remember that life is technically just getting started. It’s just getting good. By the time you turn 40, it’s time for a full-on celebration on a daily basis. One of the ways you can celebrate this milestone birthday is by vowing to dress your best each day. Consider some of the best ways to make sure you’re putting your most stylish foot forward.

1. Create a Vision Board

Develop a vision board that includes all of your favorite looks. Whether you’re cutting out photos from magazines or creating a digital vision board, pay attention to the trends, colors, and cuts that your eye gravitates toward. This rule doesn’t solely apply to your clothing. If you see a great cut, hair color, or makeup application that impresses you, consider whether those looks might look great on you too. When you visit your hairdresser, you can point to the hairstyle and recreate it.

2. Prioritize Comfort

Even though you might want to look as young as possible, know that your body will remind you of your age. If you’re used to wearing painfully high heels, you don’t need to ditch them completely. However, you might want to put comfortable insoles in the heels. Consider wearing them for shorter periods of time. Then, keep comfortable flat shoes in your purse. Get fitted for supportive undergarments as they can make or break your cute outfit. Keep an eye out for brands that fully understand a woman’s body. Shopping with brands that offer pieces like jess and jane knit tops and tunics can do an effortless job of merging comfort and style. As you prioritize comfort, you’ll support your body’s ability to feel as good as it looks.

3. Include Staple Pieces of Jewelry

By the time you’ve turned 40, chances are you’ve collected an interesting mixture of jewels. Whether your closet is filled with costume jewelry or not, begin to invest in finer designs and pieces. Purchase higher-quality gems. Whether you go to a big-box retailer or enjoy the vintage stores, begin to look for classic pieces that can be worn with blazers and t-shirts alike. When you make the investment into better pieces, you’ll be able to get more wear from them. Plus, you’ll decrease your chances of incurring breakouts or rashes due to cheap manufacturing and materials.

4. Solidify Your Grooming Routine

Instead of relying on filters and gobs of makeup to look your best, focus on developing an effortless grooming routine. By keeping your makeup dewy and minimal, you’ll end up looking younger. Find your staple makeup products to make it easy to pull your face together. If you don’t know where to start, consider looking at YouTube tutorials for women who are 40 and up. You can also visit a beauty counter at your local department store. Know that moisture is essential in grooming. Between a great moisturizer and SPF, your skin needs to be moisturized and protected on a daily basis. Remember to drink lots of water in order to remain moisturized from an internal perspective. This makes a difference in your overall look. Whether you opt to get professional manicures and pedicures or not, make sure your nails are done. This seemingly small detail makes a big difference in the way you present yourself.

5. Prepare Your Looks in Advance

Set your clothes and looks out the night before. Make sure they’re ironed or steamed. If a garment needs to be taken to the tailor or the dry cleaners, prioritize those trips as they can preserve the integrity of the garments. To take the preparation process a bit further, you might want to look at the weather and prepare your outfits for the week. When it’s time to get ready in the morning, you can simply slip into your prepared outfit. This process will take the stress off of you, and it ensures that you’re putting your best foot forward each day.

Always remember that life is a blessing. When you get a new blessing, it’s best to cherish and appreciate it. Whenever you make the decision to dress and look your best, you’re subconsciously reminding yourself that you’re worth every good thing. Plus, when you look good, you’ll tend to feel good as well. Style yourself well as you continue into your next decade and beyond.

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