How to Keep a Child Safe While Riding a Bike

Biking is one of the most fun activities for anyone. But before you allow your child out with a bike, you must teach them the right way to do it, and the right way to ride a bike is to ride safely. A kids bike is the best way to get your little one active and healthy and maybe off your hands for a few hours. Here are a few tips that should teach your child.

A Helmet Is a Must

Whether it is a bike or a motorcycle, a helmet is the most important part of your drive. Your child should carry a helmet and wear it, and they will learn helmet safety when they see their parents practise the same. Head injuries are the worse kind of injuries seen when driving. This risk can be reduced if a helmet is put to use. Never permit your child to ride a bike without their helmet, even if they are simply travelling to the grocery store on the next street. A properly fitted helmet will avert or minimise the worst injuries.

Wear Proper Clothes

Wearing bright clothes will help others identify or spot a child riding a bike. A reflector or light on the front and back help increase visibility. Avoid loose-fitting garments because such clothes are prone to get stuck in the tires and result in losing balance on the bike. Proper footwear is also important as it helps you pedal better. Closed-toe shoes help avoid foot injuries, and a long-sleeved shirt should help avoid road rashes.

Perform Safety Checks

Performing safety checks before every ride should help you and your child minimise the risks of injuries. Safety checks involve assessing the seat height, brakes, and wheels. Make sure that these and other modifications, such as mirrors, are in good shape before you allow your child to start their journey. It’s best if you teach your child to do this right from the start. Make sure nothing is loose or broken. Pay attention to the chain of the bike and the handlebars. The tires should have enough air as well.

Road Rules

Most paediatricians recommend that a child should be given a bike on the road only after the age of ten years. But if you trust your child to be safe on the street, teach them some basic road rules. A few important ones are:

Riding along with the traffic and never against it. It gets harder to navigate if you are travelling against traffic. It is unsafe for you and an inconvenience to rule-abiding drivers. Plus, it is illegal in most areas.

Obey the traffic lights and pause at every stop sign. This ensures the driver’s safety.

A driver should always ensure there is enough distance between a parked car and their bike. This way, no one is hurt in case someone opens the door suddenly.

Using bike lanes and routes should help your child be safe.

Teach your child the proper hand signals and what is the appropriate time to use them.

In Conclusion

When humans are kids, they are in their most vulnerable state. This is why you, as a parent or a guardian, should know how to keep children safe, whether or not they are in your custody. Apart from the precautions and accessories, you should look for a good brand which supports all the requirements. While a kids bike is extremely fun, you should always teach them that safety comes first and that they can have fun while being safe.

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