8 Ways To Make your camping exciting

Swag is a lightweight bedding option for your camping trips. This is usually insect-proof and waterproof, making it safe and ideal for camps. It is a convenient option that adds an exciting factor to camping.

The following factors are important to make the maximum use of your swag tents from Darche:

Good Mattress:

Many people tend to forget about this undeniable factor. You must invest in a good quality mattress and topper. Some swags come along with an inflatable mattress that is very comfortable and provides good insulation. However, those are relatively expensive. Choose your mattress wisely to experience a relaxing trip.


Before taking your swag along with you, make sure that you check its waterproofing feature. You will need to wet it and let it dry a few times to check whether the fabric’s tiny holes are close and are impermeable.

Foam tiles:

You must invest in foam tiles to avoid the ground’s cold when you sleep. You must lay these tiles on the floor before the swags. This will provide better insulation and keep you warm.


These are essentials for some campers to protect them from cold and let them enjoy their sip of hot chocolate inside the insulated mugs. This will make your camping experience cosier and better.

Head accessories:

Make sure you carry good quality beanies and caps to protect yourself from the cold.

Window shield:

A window shield is a protection and safeguarding means for swags. It maintains the warmth inside the swag despite the cold temperature outside.

Loosen the straps:

When not using the swag, ensure that you make the strap lose. This creates space for the belt to expand.

Keep the swag closed:

If you have planned a three to four-day camping trip, ensure that you keep the swag closed when not in use. This will ensure that bugs and insects don’t enter the swag and make it difficult later.

You can have it both ways, but what do you prefer?

A mattress is sandwiched between the canvas in a traditional Swag. They are lighter in weight, more compact once rolled up, and easier to carry and transport than dome swags.

As their shape and height (60-70cm) suggest, Dome Swags offer interior space while still keeping the canvas away from your face. Generally, they are well ventilated and prevent insects, vermin, and snakes from entering them.

Features of swags

Since its humble beginnings in the Australian outback, the swag has come a long way. Swags come in all shapes and sizes today, and they remain the easiest way to sleep outside.

They are fast to pitch as the users don’t have to remove your comforter.

There are many different price points that mean that swags are affordable for just about anyone.

To make it easier for you to get out of bed in the morning, you can put your swag on a stretcher for added height.

Due to the small amount of space, traditional swags may not even be ideal for those who like spending time in their shelters undercover. One type of hybrid tent has the area of a comparatively tiny dome tent but is built like an awning to give you more flexibility. If you’re planning on taking a double-sized tent on a trip, you’ll want to keep that in mind. Weekend warriors and lone wolves will benefit the most from these.

Taking swags from Darche is a convenient way of camping and exploring the outdoors. With their minimum space and utmost comfort, this makes the best camping choice for any campers.

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