How Mobile Apps are Shaping the Future

What is the future of mobile technology? How has it already changed our world, and how will it continue to do so in the years to come? These are the kinds of questions that people ask when they consider how mobile apps are shaping the future, and in this article, we’ll dive into all aspects of this discussion to give you a complete picture of where mobile application development company  will take us as we go into the next decade of our lives.

A brief history of mobile apps

In 1997, NASA computer scientist Simon S. Lam first coined Smartphone to describe mobile phones that could be used for more than just voice calls and text messages. The first smartphones didn’t gain much popularity at first—but by 2007, apps were introduced onto some smartphone platforms, and they soon began gaining steam. Today, in 2016, we have hundreds of thousands of apps available across major smartphone platforms.

 Technology is constantly evolving, and businesses have to find ways to keep up. If you don’t have a mobile app in place for your business, you may be at a disadvantage in terms of reaching customers. Now is a great time to consider if you should build a mobile app—and if so, how?

Mobile app development is a huge industry

According to Statista, it’s estimated that roughly 80 percent of all mobile apps downloaded worldwide in 2018 were free. This is a stark contrast from early app stores—in 2010, some 70 percent of apps cost users money. The rise of low-cost or free applications has also affected user behavior; for example, fewer people now download a paid app on their first try and instead opt to try out free versions first.

 Even with rising app costs, mobile app revenue is on a steady upward trend. Statista reports that as of 2018, total worldwide mobile app revenue was $88 billion—an impressive figure considering it’s more than two and a half times higher than it was in 2014. While much of that money comes from paid downloads, other key sources include advertising, in-app purchases, subscriptions and IAP.

The projected growth of mobile apps

More than a billion people use mobile apps every day and that number will likely double by 2015. In fact, it’s predicted that users will spend 92% of their time on mobile devices using apps. It’s true that much of our interaction with technology is done through our handsets, but there are a host of other factors at play that have fueled app development over recent years and will continue to do so in 2014. The following is a look at some key factors driving app development today.

Ways mobile app development can benefit you as an individual

The technological world has come a long way in a short amount of time. For example, when you think about all of your apps on your phone, you can probably relate many instances to your daily life and how beneficial they have been. So what does it mean for mobile app development? There are several ways that it has been able to assist people. Here are just a few examples. For one, mobile apps have made life so much easier when traveling abroad or out of town.

Methods used in mobile app development

Mobile app development has rapidly become a technology which is indispensable for a lot of businesses in today’s world. Many people take advantage of mobile applications to engage with their audience by creating customized apps that can be used to promote and sell various products and services. Methods used in mobile app development vary depending on what your business demands; hence, it is necessary to decide how you want your app to function before you move forward with its development.

Mobile App Development Trends to look out for in 2019

First off, if you’re looking to create a mobile app and want to learn more about where they stand in terms of trends over time, check out App Annie. The analytics company recently released a report predicting how developers and users will behave in 2019 based on data collected between October 2018 and November 2018.

Apart from this if you are interested to know about Mobile Apps then visit our Tech category.

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