Cell Phone Repair Stores In Calgary Talks About the Reasons For Fast Battery Drainage

According to cell Phone Repair Stores in Calgary, fast battery drainage might not be because your battery is old and needs a replacement. It can be because of the way you are using it.

We spend most of our time scrolling through our social media newsfeed, which consumes the internet, display panels, and processing power, among many others. All of these things consume battery, due to which we’re out of battery most of the time. However, due to our extensive dependence on our cell phones for most of our daily tasks, we want our phones running as much as possible, but we must consider the prime reasons for fast battery drainage so we can avoid those.

Keep reading the blog to learn about those reasons.

Reasons For Fast Battery Drainage According To Cell Phone Repair Stores In Calgary

The prime reasons for fast battery drainage are:

Keeping the phone brightness on maximum all the time

Keeping WiFi on the entire day and even at night

Apps running in the background of your phone

Hardware issues

Notifications turned on for all the applications

Now that we know the common reasons for fast battery drainage let’s look at what we can do to avoid these issues.

What Can You Do About It?

Keep Screen Brightness Low

According to the experts keeping your phone’s battery maximum really eats up the battery. Hence, they recommend using phones on brightness as low as 30%. You will be surprised at the screen’s visibility, even at the lowest brightness levels. 

Most smartphones now have a feature in which the phone’s brightness is automatically adjusted. For example, if you’re in daylight, the phone’s brightness increases as the broad daylight reduce the screen’s visibility, whereas, at night, the brightness decreases by itself. It is a great way to keep your phone’s brightness in balance so that you do not waste most of your phone’s battery on your phone’s display brightness.

Keep a Check on Background Apps 

According to the express of Cell Phone Repairs in Calgary, you should always keep a check on the phone’s apps. Some kinds of apps drain more battery than others. The obvious ones are the streaming services apps like Netflix and YouTube.

You should also avoid playing games on your phone as they take up a lot of battery, especially if you’re a fan of virtual games like PUBG.

Turn on Your WiFii When Not In Use

One common thing most of us do is that we keep our WiFi on at all times. Little do we know that keeping the WiFi on all the time literally eats up our phone’s battery. So What we can do about it is to only turn on our WiFi when we need to use it. 

Turn On Notifications only For important Apps

Another mistake we make while using our phones regularly is keeping the notifications turned on for all the apps, which is a big no if you want your battery not to drain fast. We understand that some apps like Whistle It, Slack, and WhatsApp are related to work, and you need to be notified immediately. Still, less important apps like Mails, Health, Updates about news and happenings around the world, etc., can be turned off. 

So this is how we can change our ways of usage so that our phone’s batteries do not drain fast. However, if your phone’s battery is still draining fast even after all these changes, just like it used to, it might be because your phone’s battery needs replacement. In such a case, you should take your phone to a trusted cell phone repair store in Calgary, such as the Cell n Tech Repair Store, which only uses Original and High-Quality Components for replacement purposes to ensure you get your money’s worth. 

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