The 10 Most Popular Gacha Games for Smartphones and PCs

Gacha games were born out of Japanese submachine guns that came with various key chains and accessories. Figurines of characters sealed in plastic balls are very popular. Gachapons are also known as plastic balls and are classified according to rarity. They can be dropped out at a certain chance. This means that the machine is mostly loaded with common toys, but a few rare ones and a few more special ones.

Both games are based on the same principles, but the characters in the virtual versions of the gacha games are different. It’s a lot of fun to open boxes, especially if you are lucky. You can even try your luck right from your smartphone or computer, thanks to these projects.

We’ve compiled the top 10 shareware games for PCs and phones, each with different gameplay and genre so everyone can find their own game.

10 Gacha Games to Get Now

Get these best gacha games on your phone or on your PC and enjoy gaming.

1. Granblue fantasy

Granblue fantasy is a browser-based RPG that uses turn-based combat. The developers keep adding new content to this game, despite it being one of the oldest in the gacha genre. A world of floating islands stretches across the sky. The main character will initially be on one of these islands and will eventually open up new areas for farming and fighting.

Combat mechanics combine elements and attacks. The classes that define the characteristics of heroes are the foundation of the team. You can choose to play solo or with 6-30 others in raids against bosses.

Gacha allows you to get new characters, weapons and tickets. There is a very small chance that rare heroes will drop out, so 300 discoveries are required to get a coupon for any character.

2. Final Fantasy of Dissidia Opera

Opera: Dissidia Final Fantasy is a strategic RPG that uses turn-based combat. The story will be about heroes who save a world that has been plunged into chaos. The game version will feature all the Final Fantasy characters and villains. Each character is unique and can play the role of protector or healer. These abilities are used to create battle strategies.

Gacha’s component consists of boosting the owner and knocking down equipment banners. You can easily earn currency by completing stories, dungeons, and missions. This game is completely different from the Gacha games such as the Gacha neon.

3. Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is an expansion of the Fire Emblem tactical gaming series. The player will play the role of a summoner who summons heroes from other universes and fights alongside the Kingdom of Askren’s citizens against the Empire of Emblian trying to destroy them.

The game is played on maps that are 6×8 grids. There are many types of terrain that can hinder or give a movement bonus. Each character has its own characteristics and restrictions. It is crucial to think clearly about the next move in order to win. The project includes story missions, training missions, and PvP mode. There are also special tasks with large maps.

Gacha is creating characters for spheres. They are then used to create a squad for any play style.

4. Tears of Themis

Tears of Themis, a detective otome from Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact3rd, is available. It features a young lawyer investigating crimes. Each episode features new victims, suspects, witnesses, and evidence. Learning the visual novel is the main focus of the gameplay. Each episode ends with a courtroom debate, in which it is possible to present arguments or arguments against the suspects.

Although the puzzles aren’t difficult, it is difficult to miss clues. The project is very user-friendly. The debate itself takes place in the form of card battles of the “Rock-Paper-Scissors” type. The gacha is a collection of cards that are then divided into different types.

5. Epic Seven

Epic Seven is a role-playing 2D video game developed by Korean developers. The story is set in a magical world full of magic. The player’s main objective is to collect and pump heroes in order to complete missions. You have a good chance of getting more than 300 characters in the gacha. Each hero is unique and has beautiful animation. Pumping can take a lot of effort, so be ready in advance.

Labyrinths filled with treasures, monsters, and puzzles serve as dungeons. There is always a boss at the end of dungeons that can be defeated in turn-based combat.

6. Azur Lane

Azur Lane is a hybrid shooter/RPG with a visual novel component. The action takes place in an alternate universe. Aliens attacked the Earth during World War II. Humanity decided to unite against an enemy common enemy. The fleet management will be taken over by the player, where the ships are anime girls.

Each heroine is given a unique character and interaction with the player. You can even form romantic relationships and enter into virtual marriages. You can find about 300 ships in the gacha. The currency can be earned easily and you are not required to donate. You will be fighting in battles, where you have to create combinations of ships and dodge enemy bullets.

7. Arknights

Arknights is a mix of strategy, novel, Tower Defense, and strategy. The story will focus on the post-apocalyptic future where mutants are free and natural disasters happen. You will also play the role of a doctor, who has lost his memories but manages a team of “operators” that are trying to find a cure.

The gameplay passing missions are based on the principle of tower defense. Instead of heavy artillery, you can put up your operatives. They will be from different classes and have specific roles. As an example, Melee Operators are healed by Medics, while Blockers block enemies. Auto-battle is available for re-obtaining resources after you have completed the map. Present gacha is generous in content and is free to all.

8. NieR Reincarnation

NieR Reincarnation mobile RPG is not designed for dynamic gameplay. The plot is the main focus. This adds to the atmosphere.

A little girl awakens in The Cage. She will slowly uncover the secrets of this mysterious world by traveling with a ghost guide and solving puzzles. The auto-battle function is used for most battles. The gacha will give the player access to a team full of heroes.

9. Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd features a variety of genres from dorm-simulation to slasher. It has manga and manhua adaptations. The plot is well-developed. He discusses the Honkai catastrophe in an alternate universe and the opposing Valkyries.

You can play many different activities, including passing the story, completing temporary and side tasks, organizing a hostel, collecting heroes, and much more. The player will be able to control three Valkyries in battle. These Valkyries are classified by rank and have unique combo attacks. Each enemy has its own stats, which can make them more or less resistant to certain Valkyries. You can obtain characters, weapons, or special equipment through the gacha system.

10. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact, a multi-platform open-world RPG, continues to gain popularity. This project has a rich atmosphere, lore, and audio that will leave no one behind.

It takes time to explore the vast world and find farm resources for heroes. Each member of the squad can control different elements and combine them to create powerful reactions. The process is constantly enhanced by the addition of new weapons and heroes. This increases the chance of character and weapon drops in gacha.

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