Where Is the Police Station In GTA 5? All The Information You Need to Know

This is a guide for all GTA 5 Police Station Locations. There are 12 police stations in the entire state of San Andreas, which you can freely enter and look around without getting any wanted levels. But if you do enter with weapons drawn, then the cops will have a shoot-out with you! You can either try to escape from them or use your M4 to shoot them down as you make a run for it.

Police station at Red Country

The Police Station in Los Santos. But there are also police stations in Red County, Las Ventura‚Äôs, and other remote areas of San Andreas. GTA 5 included maps with the location of each police station, so you will never get lost again. In this article, we haven’t included the area of any other police outpost since those are much easier to find.

Inside police station

The Police Stations are largely empty inside, but there are always criminals being held in jail cells. You can speak to them or shoot them if you want. That won’t attract any cops, though, so you’ll be safe.

Inside main office area

Inside the main office area, you will also see that some cops have dropped their Shotguns on the ground. You can pick it up and use it for fast kills.

Loot in the police station

There is not much legal loot in the police station, just some medical kits and snacks at reception counters. But still, it’s worth checking out every single cop station for extra cash!

Los Santos Police station

The Los Santos police station is in Pershing Square, Downtown Los Santos. There are a few entrances to the police station, and you can enter from any of them. But be sure that when you go inside with guns drawn, cops will start shooting at you! If you want to avoid that, then try going into the underground parking lot behind the building.

Go through there, turn right, and head towards the back exit on your left side, where nobody will see you entering from. In this way, not only can you run up the stairs without getting shot but also get these goodies for free:

Medical kit

Front desk counter Candy Bar Front desk counter Credit Card Right next to candy bar $3200 cash. Inside there you can go through without getting noticed by the cops. Once inside, the main office area will be to your left. There are some snacks and medical kits at reception counters. You can also pick up a shotgun from inside this office area.

Criminals in the police station

The holding cells below the station are always full of criminals who plead with Trevor not to kill them. Just ignore these lowlifes and shoot everyone right between the eyes.

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There’s nothing else worth looting here, so leave when you’ve had enough fun, or you’ll attract too much attention to yourself during your stay here.

Mount Chiliad FBI Office

The Mount Chiliad FBI Office is on the top of Mount Chiliad. You can only go from the side road, so don’t even try going up the mountain from anywhere else as your car will spin out and lose control. Take a four-wheel-drive to be able to get up this steep, rough path leading to that secret entrance. It’s best if you take a Sanchez bike with its off-road tires, then it won’t matter how steep or bumpy the road becomes.

This place has a private garage where some sports cars are usually parked. If you want any of those cars, you’ll have to kill the FBI agent that comes out once you enter the garage area. You can then take any of those cars or leave them, but a good tip is not to take a vehicle with a tracker.

Use the bike given by Tonya

Place it up against the wall, which has a small opening in it (the entrance for this building), and walk through as you wouldn’t be able to ride your bike inside due to its size! Once inside, there’s no security since nobody has ever come here before. So go on ahead and don’t worry about anything at all! There are some snacks like energy drinks and chips on reception counters. Check out all offices, and you’ll find $11800 cash hidden inside the ceiling tiles of one office; and a gold bar inside an open safe in another. You can also find some medical kits and grenades in the back room.

There’s nothing else worth looting here, so leave when you’ve had enough fun, or you’ll attract too much attention to yourself during your stay here.

Mount Gordo Camper Park Police Station

The Camper Park is situated not very far from the Palomino Highlands and Alamo Sea area. So don’t worry about having trouble finding it! Although, this place isn’t that hard to see if you know where to look for. Just follow the river bed south of the Alamo Sea and keep heading west until you reach a fork in this riverbed which cuts through the park as well as some cliffs surrounding it. Once there, turn left and drive up those cliffs facing eastward until you see the entrance signboard.

You’re inside the Camper Site now, so drive your car further into deeper parts of the site until you see an entrance into a small cave on your left side. You can park your car just outside this cave to prevent it from getting damaged by other vehicles driving past, even if you don’t want to go underground. Or else, make sure you leave first before returning here to explore its deeper locations. There’s nothing worth looting down there at all. The only thing that matters is digging all those tunnels leading up towards different mountain areas.

GPS Location

If you’re having trouble finding this place, then use the information given above as GPS coordinates.


  • In GTA 5, how many police stations are there?

You can find 12 police stations in Los Santos. You spend most of your time avoiding the Los Santos police force.

  • Where can you find police missions in GTA 5?

If you want to become a cop after stealing the cop car, select the Director mode in the Rockstar Editor. There, you’ll have the option to become an actor. To do so, choose Emergency Services and then LSPD. As a police officer, the player will assist the cops in the city as the game reloads.

  • GTA 5 Online `Where can I find police cruisers?

As the rarest police car in the entire GTA series, it can only be found in one particular area of Los Santos, near the Mission Row Police Station, either on patrol or at night in the bus stop area.

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