Should GTA Online users purchase the RC Bandito?

For GTA Online players, RC Bandito is a really entertaining novelty act. A player might occasionally want to play around in a public lobby. Here RC Bandito enters the picture. This remote-control car was first included in the 2018 Arena War update.

RC Bandito offers players a return on their investment despite the startup costs. Whether or not they enjoy tampering with other players will determine everything. Naturally, the car won’t reach its full potential until it has been fully upgraded. In GTA Online, that’s when the fun can really start.

Does purchasing the RC Bandito in GTA Online make sense?

Players can learn everything they need to know about RC Bandito from this article. Because it is an expensive vehicle, players must account for the costs. If the player has money to spend, then it is worthwhile to purchase this.

How to shop and where to buy

Southern San Andreas Super Autos is where you can purchase RC Bandito. It costs $1,590,000, so players will have to shell out a lot of cash. Spending this much money on RC toys is significant.

Players of GTA Online will also need Arena Workshop, though. They are able to store RC Bandito here. The cost varies from $995,000 to $4,360,000 depending on the upgrades.

The biggest obstacle to purchasing this car will be money. Having said that, it provides a wide range of customizations for individual use.

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What do you think RC Bandito’s main goal is?

This vehicle can be spawned by GTA Online users through the Inventory tab of the Interaction Menu. A player’s main body will vanish from the game world whenever they choose “Request RC Bandito.” Additionally, they won’t be detected in GTA Online. They can now operate RC Bandito from a distance.

What do you think the RC Bandito's main goal is?

Of course, the changes are what distinguish it:

Three different evasive jump modifications.

explosives that can detonate remotely and self-destruct.

Kinetic or EMP proximity mines as a choice.

RC Bandito is compact enough to fit underneath the majority of automobiles. However, because it has trouble getting over small obstacles, its size can work against it. It offers at the very least superb handling. The vehicle also has an unexpectedly effective defence. To destroy it, at least three missiles will be required.

What to consider when purchasing the RC Bandito

With RC Bandito, trolls will have a field day. It’s the ideal chaos agent for any public lobby despite a few drawbacks. The majority of bullets won’t even scratch it. It takes a few explosions before it finally comes down.

Players can be attacked by RC Bandito without receiving any backlash. Additionally, they will be invisible, making it ideal to approach players covertly.

This remote control car will provide players with hours of entertainment. The main targets are the only ones who won’t.


We sincerely hope the information in this article will help GTA Online players decide whether to purchase RC Bandito. If so, kindly inform your friends and family as well. If you’re interested in learning how to detonate RC Bandito, read our article on the subject. We’ve kept things very simple.

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