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“Your hair makes or breaks your look”, they say; and for the right reasons. Of all the steps a hair care routine covers, styling has to be on the top. No matter how great your attire, or how on-spot your makeup, if your hair isn’t styled properly, it’s definitely gonna leave a mark on your entire look. The topic of hair styling, however, isn’t that brief. There’s a lot more to it than picking a hairstyle and then weaving your hair to perfection. So, let’s get down to it.

The perfect hairstyling involves two factors to be considered:

  1. Picking the right hairstyle 
  2. Picking the right styling products


Yes, picking the right hairstyle is a thing and no, you can’t pick any hairstyle that you like. To explain it further: have you ever wondered why a hairstyle looks so good on your friend, or a celebrity, but when it comes to you, it just doesn’t look that glamorous? It’s very likely because your face shape is different and needs a different hairstyle to glam up. There are typically six categories in hair shape: 

  1. Round Shape: A round-shaped face is, well, round with no prominent edges. This kind of face demands hairstyles that add more width to the face to make it look oval. Therefore, an angled bob with hair untucked on the angled side, or a ponytail with face-framing strands are considered ideal for such a face. 
  2. Oval Shape: An oval-shaped face has a longer length than width, and is considered an ideal shape for voluminous hair styling. For an oval-shaped face, avoid sleek hairstyles and go with voluminous layers and side-partings. 
  3. Square Shape: A square-shaped face has prominent edges with forehead, cheekbones and jawlines, all with the same length. For such a face, side-swept bangs with sleek, long layers look absolutely gorgeous. 
  4. Heart Shape: A heart-shaped face has a wider forehead with narrow jawlines. This type of face supports long, loose waves, and carries them well. 


Picking the right styling products is as crucial as picking the right hairstyle. You can style your hair any way you want by using the right products. Many people tend to skip on hair styling aids as they don’t like the thought of product residue on their hair, but using these aids have their own perks. Let’s have a quick rundown on how styling products benefit your hair: 

Keep Your Hair In Place

Have you ever spent hours styling your hair only for it to fall apart within an hour? We’ve been there, trust us. The biggest perk of a styling product is that it keeps your hair in place all day long. It prevents your sleek hair from poofing up, keeps your curls tight, removes flyaways, and holds your buns and braids, depending on the type of aid that you use. 

 Complement Your Look

Picking the right styling product does a little more than styling your hair. It enhances your overall appearance by perfecting your hair look, and adds a neat, sophisticated touch to your personality. A visibly nice appearance also boosts your self-esteem and makes you appear more confident in yourself. 

Make Your Hair Healthy

Styling products are infused with healthy ingredients which prove to be beneficial for your hair. These good-for-your-hair ingredients such as natural oils, keratin, and plant extracts improve your hair texture and contribute to its health.

There are many different types of styling aids, and the right product depends on the kind of results that you aim to achieve. Ideally, styling aids cover everything from styling tools to flat irons, electric rollers, and styling products. Lucky for you, GK Hair offers an entire range of styling products which deliver exceptional results, giving you the ultimate ideal look. 

Why Are GK Hair Styling Products So Popular?

Before we dive into the question of why GK Hair products are preferred worldwide by salon owners and professionals alike, let’s break down the concept of “right product” and elaborate what we mean when we say it: 

-It should be able to achieve your hair goals. 

-It should be beneficial to your hair in terms of the ingredients. 

-It should not weigh your hair down.

-It should not contain chemicals that are harmful to your hair. 

The reason GK Hair Styling Range is popular worldwide is because it contains healthy ingredients that actually help in improving hair health. Not only this, each product is free of all kinds of harsh chemicals including sulfates, parabens, glutens, phthalates, DEA, and TEA, and is suitable for all hair types and textures. Their lightweight formulae give a gentle hold to your tresses without weighing your hair down. Let’s walk you through some of the best styling products by GK Hair: 

Argan Oil Serum

This serum is an award-winning bestseller product by GK Hair, and for a good reason. A powerful blend of Juvexin and Argan Oil works to strengthen your hair and kick frizz and damage to the curb. 

Cashmere Cream

Unbelievably effective when it comes to hair taming, Cashmere Cream instantly eliminates frizz and makes your hair smooth and sleek to the core. Cashmere has a creamy texture and works great on all hair types, from fine to curly to kinky. 

Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-In Conditioner is ideally perfect for extremely dry hair, as it is left on to hair for extra nourishment and moisture. GK Hair formulates Leave-In Conditioner in three different categories: Leave-In Conditioner Cream, Leave-In Conditioner Spray, and Leave-In Bombshell Cream. 

VolumizeHer Spray

Have a “no-volume” problem going on up there? Or do you wanna fake a blowout? VolumizeHer Spray is for you. Just spritz on your roots and get volumized, refreshed tresses that last all day long. 

CurlsDefineHer Cream

Heads up curly pals! This curly hair cream is packed with natural organic ingredients which work in synergy to deeply hydrate your waves and curls, enhance the texture, and combat unwanted frizz by adding more body and bounce.  

ThermalStyleHer Cream

Say hello to protective heat styling! This magical formula not only adds nourishment to your hair strands, but also provides heat protection up to 450F. So go with the dead-straight look, or create those loose waves without worrying about the damage. 

Styling Mousse

Yet another styling aid for a frizz-free, smooth finish, GK Hair Styling Mousse provides exceptional outcome with a gentle gold that keeps your tresses in place. 

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