How to Extend The Battery Life of a Tablet – Explained By Cell Phone Repair Store in Idaho

Whether you own an Android tablet, an iPad, or even a Windows tablet, battery life is essential. Even so, having to use a tablet while it is plugged in is now, at best, difficult and, for many of us, just impossible. Your tablet’s battery is its vital organ. You will undoubtedly want to maintain the battery and keep it running as long as possible.

Today, we’ll look at ways to boost your tablet’s battery performance so you can use it without having to plug it in for as long as possible. These suggestions are approved by cell phone repair experts in Idaho and apply to both iPads and Android tablets, though you’ll alter them differently for each. 

Advise From Cell Phone Repair Store in Idaho to Enhance Your Tablet’s Battery Life

Imagine that you are on a road trip using your tablet. You don’t have a car charger, and the battery is going to die.

Or perhaps you’re participating in a Zoom call, and your tablet’s battery is running low, but there isn’t a charger nearby.

Sounds Familiar?

That is why knowing ways to extend your battery’s life is necessary because nobody likes to suffer with a dying battery at a crucial time.

Let’s dive in!

Reduce Brightness

Your tablet’s display is undoubtedly stunning, with vivid, rich colors and a strong resolution that makes everything sharp and clear. But the biggest threat to battery performance is also your screen. Above all else, the power needed to illuminate these screens will shorten your battery life. If you want to extend the life of your battery, all you should do is lower the brightness. You’ll be shocked at how much extra battery life you can gain by merely reducing brightness by even a small amount.

Charge Properly

Do you put off charging your iPad until it shuts down and dies? Even though you might not be aware of it, this could kill the battery or seriously damage it. Your tablet will turn off before the battery fully drains if you enable the saving option that many tablets include. When charging the battery, you should also monitor its charge. Disconnect it from the wall adapter when your tablet achieves 100% charge.

 According to a cell phone repair store in Idaho, not charging properly can seriously damage your battery. Ideally, you should always have a 30-60% charge. Do not charge in intervals, and do not wait for the battery to die before plugging the tablet.

Avoid Harsh Temperatures

Avoiding using your battery in hot environments is a simple method to increase its lifespan. This involves keeping it stored in warm luggage as you travel or allowing it to sit in your heated car. Additionally, you should prevent quick charging. Despite their fast performance, they generate enough heat to drain or destroy your battery.

Turn Off the Location

Regardless of where you are, this technology will track your location, but disabling it will allow you to maintain battery life for other essential tasks. Thanks to location-based services, your tablet can track your present location and deliver information to the applications you use. Although checking in when you go to your favorite shops or restaurants may be useful, it may decrease your battery charge, as it will now last for only a couple of hours.

When to Visit a Cell Phone Repair Store in Idaho

Tried everything mentioned above? Still, have a dying battery? If so, this may be due to a more serious hardware issue with your device. Such damages should only be examined and repaired by professionals. Don’t wait long and take your iPad or Android tablet to a phone and tablet repair store in Idaho.

If you live in Idaho, you do not have to worry about identifying a trustworthy cell phone repair store, as Idaho is home to reliable and well-known phone repair stores like FIXITPRO. Their technicians are highly qualified and well-equipped to solve all your tech issues in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use your tablet while it charges?

In general, if the tablet doesn’t become too hot, you can use it and recharge simultaneously. However, make sure to disconnect the charger once it reaches 100%.

Do I need to turn my iPad off at night?

Your gadgets hardly ever need to be turned off. Stop turning off your tablet or phone at night, thinking that you are extending the battery’s life. This is untrue. You don’t need to turn off your Apple or Android devices at night.

How much does a tablet repair cost?

Depending on the manufacturer and model of your tablet, prices will change. Repair costs for newer models are typically higher. Additionally, prices vary slightly between stores. However, a touchscreen repair often costs between $99.99 and $599.99.


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