Who Is Annie Leblanc? Annie Leblanc’s Age, Early Life, Career And Other Interesting Information

Julieanna Grace Leblanc was born on December 5, 2004, known professionally as Annie LeBlanc and Jules LeBlanc. According to Business Insider, she is one of the world’s most famous teens. LeBlanc’s YouTube channel has more than four million subscribers as of January 2019.

Annie Leblanc’s Age

The birthplace of Annie Leblanc is Augusta, Georgia, her nationality is American, and her ethnicity is White. Annie Lablenk was born on December 5. As of 2021, Annie LeBlanc will be 17 years of age. Since 2008, she has been uploading gymnastic videos to YouTube. First named Acroanna, the channel’s name was changed to Annie LeBlanc in 2017. 

Early life and career beginnings

  • Leblanc was born in Austin, Texas, on December 5, 2004, to Jim and Leslie LeBlanc. She first began gymnastics at the age of two and a half because her parents wanted both her and her sister, Haylie LeBlanc, to master the basics of balance and coordination. She continued part-time gymnastics classes until Haylie began getting weekly acting lessons at age nine.
  • Leblanc was homeschooled to focus on her career in entertainment in Los Angeles; she also began attending public school in the seventh grade. She started making home videos with her sister at age nine; one was uploaded to her YouTube channel in December 2011.
  • Leblanc attended an open casting call at the IMTA (International Modeling and Talent Association) Convention for child actors in Los Angeles, California, on October 3, 2012; she left without letting anyone know she was going and began filming with Shane Dawson that day. She made her first appearance on a Shane Dawson video, “I HATE MY MOM! (and other moms), Shane and friends”, uploaded to YouTube four days later.
  • Leblanc has appeared in over thirty-six videos, starting with “I’m So Dramatic – Shane Dawson” on October 7, 2012. A video she uploaded on her main channel, “Hannah Hart’s New Boyfriend,” was ranked in the top 5 trending videos of 2014 on YouTube. She has also appeared with Shane Dawson in music videos for Katy Perry’s song “Roar,” which they filmed together at Disneyland, and Lady Gaga’s song “Applause,” in Los Angeles.


Leblanc’s acting debut was in October 2012, when she played the role of Amy in the pilot episode of the web series The Bay. She appeared as Melanie White, a young cancer patient with an extremely short life expectancy, on Switched at Birth after winning an internet competition sponsored by ABC Family; her last appearance was January 15, 2013. LeBlanc has said that every time she goes to the network to audition for roles, they remember her because of “The Bay” pilot episode and hold it against her that she already had professional acting experience before joining the cast of their scripted programming department.

Leblanc joined Disney Channel’s Dog With a Blog in October 2012, playing Avery Jennings. She also played Tiffany Fox on the Disney Channel show I Didn’t Do It for two episodes, which aired on December 2 and 16, 2014. LeBlanc’s last episode as an actress with Disney was “I Did What?”

Current working

Leblanc is currently working as a voice actress for several movies and shows, including “Hey Arnold!”: The Jungle Movie as Lila Sawyer and Bunsen Is a Beast! as Bunsen. She voiced the main character of Mavis, daughter of Dracula in Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (2018).

Annie Leblanc book

In 2015, Leblanc co-authored The New York Times bestseller “I Hate Myselfie” with Shane Dawson, the name of his autobiography. The book was published by HarperCollins and written in close collaboration with LeBlanc. She also worked with Dawson on another book called “It Gets Worse.”


LeBlanc resides in Los Angeles, California. On August 17, 2016, she announced that she is bisexual via Twitter after various rumors about her sexuality had spread online.

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On October 2, 2018, Leblanc became engaged to fellow YouTuber Ricky Dillon; Dillon proposed while vacationing together in South Africa.


  • In the past, LeBlanc has been involved in several controversies. In September 2014, she was criticized for a video of her singing “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor, which contained blackface and cultural appropriation elements. In December 2014, after a public announcement that her sister Haylie had become engaged to NBA player David Lee, Jules posted an Instagram photo captioned “Living out loud” that was interpreted as mocking people with albinism. In January 2015, she was accused of copying Bibis Beauty’s style and content on YouTube.
  • In February 2015, LeBlanc was accused of lying about donating her previous car to charity. In June 2018, she was criticized for a photo that appeared to show her and her friends trespassing at the abandoned city of Pripyat in Ukraine.
  • Several notable YouTubers have criticized LeBlanc’s work: Dicky Barrett called “I’m So Dramatic” “the worst song ever,” and famous transgender blogger Zinnia Jones described it as “a train wreck.” The Fine Brothers (popular hosts on their own YouTube channel) said they felt like vomiting after watching one of her videos; months later, they parodied her music video with April Fools’ Day entertainment group KEEN wet wood.
  • LeBlanc has also received complaints about her refusal to comment on the controversy surrounding fellow YouTuber Sam Pepper, even after fans created a petition asking both of them to address it.
  • LeBlanc responded to the petition with a message claiming that she had “no ties” to Pepper and that at times, they both share similar but separate fanbases.


  • What prompted Annie LeBlanc to change her name?

The YouTube star’s real name is Julianna Grace LeBlanc, so Annie was just a nickname she had been using. Annie disclosed to her fans in October 2020 that she would be going by the name Jules, which was another nickname she had been using all along. 

  • Does Annie LeBlanc have a disease?

A woman from Dieppe organized a walk-in Moncton on Sunday to raise awareness about bladder cancer, which she had no idea was so common until she suffered from it herself. Three years ago, Annie LeBlanc, found blood in her urine and was diagnosed with bladder cancer

  •  What is her ex-partner’s name?

Asher Angel began a second relationship in 2019, but the couple ended their relationship in May 2020. During an Instagram live, Jules (formerly known as Annie) announced this breakup.

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