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Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley is a fashion designer from the United States with an estimated net worth of $100 million. She was born in Barrington, Illinois, and created the Pabst Blue Ribbon logo.

Cynthia Rowley’s Early Life

Cynthia Rowley was born in Barrington, Illinois, on July 15th, 1960, to two parents who were both art teachers. She is the eldest of five children, with three sisters and a brother. She began getting into her father’s art supplies in high school while away from the house, inspiring her to draw.

She went to Smith College and majored in anthropology and art history after graduating from Barrington High School. After three years, she decided not to continue on that path because it required too much schooling for a career that would not come until later when she started designing clothes.

Net worth

Rowley has an estimated net worth of $100 million. She is known for her women’s apparel and accessories lines, which include everything from dresses to baby clothes, shoes, hats, belts, sunglasses, perfume, hosiery, and linens. She also designs men’s wear under the label.

Rowley’s first fashion show was a small presentation in New York during Fashion Week 1998, which she put together herself. In the years since Cynthia Rowley has become one of the most popular American designers selling her goods to celebrities and regular women around the world.

After graduating from high school, Cynthia attended Parsons School of Design to study fashion. She graduated college in 1981 and began working at Perry Ellis, which is owned by Ron Perelman. It didn’t take long for her to work her way up the ladder there, moving on to become the senior vice president of corporate design for Revlon.

In 1974, Rowley became one of the founders of Perfumes International, which is the company behind the Pabst Blue Ribbon logo. She worked in public relations for a while after that but returned to fashion when she began designing her own clothing labels. She has had multiple shows during New York Fashion Week ever since her first one back in 1998.

Personal Life

Cynthia Rowley is currently married to William Powers. They have two children together: Miles Eric and Ruby Rose. Her husband works with artists to bring their works into homes through installation or even private collections. Cynthia Rowley and her husband,  William Powers, were both previously married.

Education of Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley grew up in Barrington, Illinois, and attended Barrington High School. She was interested in art from a young age, which led her to study art at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Cynthia received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the school in 1981. Her education at the art institute helped her develop her creativity and design skills.


Cynthia Rowley is a fashion designer from the United States who runs the company “Rowley.” The brand started as a boutique in Soho, New York City, and sold clothes worn by men and women. Today, she has three boutiques located on Prince Street in New York City: One for men’s clothing and another for women’s wear, and one that sells handbags and other accessories. Her store located at Neiman Marcus now has stores across the United States, Korea, Japan, China, and Italy. Her brand has branched out and now offers home goods and even scents.

Cynthia Rowley’s interest in fashion

She grew up in Barrington and was always interested in fashion. She attended Smith College, where she studied art history and anthropology. Her goal was to become a museum curator or an anthropologist, but she ultimately decided against it. After college, Rowley moved to New York City with only $3,000 to her name. She worked at the Gap and then moved on to a local vintage clothing store called The Wild Pair in Soho.

While working in the vintage shop, she began designing her pieces. This caught the attention of Betsey Johnson, who invited her to prepare for her company, Betsey-ville. In 1984, she opened her first store on Prince Street in Soho. The success of that boutique led to the opening of two more stores on Prince Street; one for men’s clothing and another for women’s wear. She also had a boutique at Neiman Marcus. Cynthia Rowley has expanded her brand beyond clothing into home goods and perfume.

Today, Cynthia Rowley has her line that is sold at over 500 stores around the world. She also won the Retailer of the Year Award in 2004 from “Fashion Group International.” She was inducted into the CFDA in 2005. Cynthia Rowley is married to an art consultant, David Schulte.

Cynthia Rowley  success in fashion

Cynthia Rowley has been highly successful in her fashion career. She prides herself on being different and challenging the norms of the fashion industry. She is most known for being an inspiration for ‘everyday women’ to dress up on special occasions or events, not just because it’s a holiday but also when you are at work or going out with friends. For example, she offers $10 dresses to wear to work, so instead of wearing the same typical boring dress every day to work, you could go out and get yourself one Cynthia Rowley-inspired dress that will make you stand out from all other employees at your company.

Another reason for her admiration is because she makes clothing affordable for anyone who wants them, unlike many designers who sell their clothing in average boutiques where the price is up to 3-4 times more than what the original cost was. She also offers free shipping on all orders, which is helpful for everyone around the world who doesn’t necessarily have a ton of money to buy her clothing online. She will be successful in her career because she has good business sense and has been very successful in her designs, which people love.

Some more expensive designers don’t offer the same amount of variety as she does, so it can be hard to find something you love. She has seen success in many countries worldwide, including the US, Canada, Korea, Japan, China, and Italy.

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Cynthia Rowley homes

Cynthia Rowley lives a very relaxed life. She resides in New York City’s Upper West Side with her spouse, William Powers. Cynthia Rowley has had many homes, including but not limited to: Philadelphia, Chicago, and St. Bart’s Island (where she owns a house).

Property investment by Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia sold her New York City townhouse in March 2019 for $14 million. She repurchased the apartment in 2005 for only $7.9 million and made many changes to it, including adding a floor and redesigning the interior with the help of decorator Eileen Hayes. Not only Cynthia Rowley invests in real estate, but many celebrities do as well. 


  • Which products are designed by Cynthia Rowley?

Her grandmother gave her $3000 to get her business started. Cynthia subsequently established her namesake brand and, in 1988, expanded the firm’s product offering to include eyewear, handbags, shoes, women’s apparel, belts, leggings, cosmetics, headwear, fragrances, and a variety of miscellaneous goods.

  • Cindy Rowley is known for what?

Cynthia Rowley is a major international lifestyle brand founded on the idea that fashion should be an exciting experience. With a distinctive combination of pretty meets sporty, the firm offers ready-to-wear, surf and swim, fitness, accessories, and house décor in addition to special partnerships with other likeminded businesses.

  • Does Cynthia Rowley still have a husband?

She enjoys getting away from New York City, where she lives with her husband Bill Powers and daughters Kit Keenan and Gigi Powers.

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