5 Financial Resources to Explore When Struggling with Bail

Bail simply means giving someone an exemption from prison by placing a guarantee as security that the accused will appear in court at the required time and place. The Justice Department reports that over 7 million Americans are arrested every year. When a person has been arrested, they cannot always afford to pay bail to be released before trial. If the defendant cannot post the required bail amount, they will remain in jail until their case goes before a judge and a verdict is reached. Being detained for an extended time can cause a defendant to lose their job and affect their livelihood, making meeting bail obligations even more difficult.

If you find yourself in this situation, some financial resources might be able to help you find the money to post bail and return home until your day in court. These resources include the following:

1) Working with an Attorney to Post Bail

When you need to post Bail, it is best to work with a criminal defense attorney who can negotiate your bail agreement and advise you of all your rights. A qualified attorney can also help you explore other financial solutions that might be available to you or your loved one.

2) The Bail Bond Process

Another option for securing release from jail is to apply for a bail bond. Many bail bond agents can post the required bail amount on your behalf, but you will be required to pay a fee or premium to get released. The process may be a bit different depending on the state you are coming from. For instance, a bail bonds in Los Angeles will be granted depending on the rules set by the state. You can borrow money using your assets as collateral, or you can ask for help from friends or family members who might be able to lend you the money.

3) Ask for a Time Payment Plan or Ask the Judge to Order the Bail Money Returned

If you do not plan on needing bail, then it is possible for you to ask for a time payment plan. This means that if the court grants your request, you will only need to pay the amount of money each month. However, you must remember that if you fail to pay a monthly bill, the amount of money will always increase every month. This may become too expensive for your family so it is best if you can decide on what financial resources to explore with this option.

4) Hire an Attorney to Negotiate Bail

If you are not sure whether or not you will be able to make Bail, it is best to hire a criminal defense attorney who can negotiate your release and advise you of all your options without any upfront payment. You can always request the court to give you more time in order to gather the resources needed to secure your release or delay your hearing date. You need to remember that this is only possible if it is something reasonable and necessary.

5) Explore Your Options for Posting Bail

When you or your loved one is arrested, there are several ways that you can try to make Bail. Before you take any action, it is best to speak with an immigration defense lawyer who can help you explore all of your options and get the required immigration bond amount. The first thing to consider when learning about bail is whether or not it is actually an option to your situation. As we all know, bail is the security that you will show up for court and not do anything bad between now and then. However, it is much better if you do not even need to be released on bail because it can cause a lot of issues in the future. However, there are times when people just cannot afford bail, but that does not mean that you do not have any other options.

If you or a loved one is arrested and detained for an extended period, the stress of being separated from family and friends can be overwhelming. Working with a qualified attorney specializing in criminal defense to explore your options can be very helpful as you try to secure your release from jail. Before hiring any attorney, it is best to review their professional history, including their education, qualifications, and the number of years they have worked in your particular field. Reviewing attorney profiles on Law Information can help you find qualified professionals who are trustworthy and reliable.

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