Everything You Need to Understand About 30 Second Wing Awning

Look no farther than the 30 second wing awning if you want an awning with simple installation, a sizable shaded area, and superb build quality. One of the essential purchases for any camping setup is a 30-second shade. Anywhere may be shaded by pulling it up. This financial investment in a high-quality item addresses shade, safety, and setup time concerns. No more fumbling with awning poles, shoving parts into position, or spending more than five minutes erecting a standard awning in the wind. As quickly as it takes to air your beer, you can set up a 30-second awning.

Size and Weight

Thirty seconds awning is not a portable or small-footprint solution. It is 2.7m long, weighs 27kg, and may need an additional arm set to attach the awning, but once set up, it is simple. The awning’s weight and size are dominated by its aluminium frame and thick 280gsm cloth. Tough and resilient materials should be used to produce a sturdy, windproof, and shaded solution. The weight of any additional accessories you intend to mount to your roof must be supported by your existing roof rack system.

Materials Used

The frame, the awning body, the poles, and the bag comprise the four fundamental components of the 30-second wing awning. For installation in windy situations, the frame may be expanded without bars and is composed of robust, high-quality aluminium. If you require more support, additional aluminium bars are available and have folding bars that connect to the frame. The area of shadow created by 280gsm riplock canvas is 12 square metres. The optional walls available to buy with the awning are likewise constructed from this similar material. Sun and rain protection comes from thick fabric. It is also rot- and water-resistant.


The rapidity of setup is 30 Second Awnings‘ most notable trait. With a pint in one hand, finished in 30 seconds. The installation process takes only a short time because the aluminium frame may be erected without supporting columns. Its unbroken, pole-free space is 12 square metres. Regular pegs, man lines, and additional poles are added benefits. When extra support is required, a bar integrated into one of the arms can be raised or lowered. An extra wall can be added to the awning to create an enclosed enclosure, and the awning has a zipper around it.

Why is the 30-second awning a worthwhile investment?

The 30 second wing awning is cost-effective due to its quick and straightforward installation. It offers an abundance of shade. You can configure it however you like. There isn’t much reason not to, as it only takes five minutes to set up a standard awning. Because you are more likely to utilise a 30-second awning, it is worth the price. 

What extras are provided?

The beautiful thing about 30 Second Awning is that you can get ample extras to make camping more enjoyable. It includes an awning wall, a dome tent, an LED strip, and additional poles.

How much time is required to construct extra walls?

The enclosed portion of the 30s awning can be completed by adding extra walls in around 5 minutes. The wall and the awning system must be taken apart to complete the operation. The sides must then be velcroed to the poles and secured as necessary. All the bars will need to be installed to provide additional support.

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