6 Amazing Bluetooth Uses except Wireless Audio [Must Read]

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Do you think the usage of Bluetooth is restricted to wireless audio? The technology holds the capability of other uses too. Read the full guide to find out more Bluetooth uses.

With improved technology and connection mediums Bluetooth now has a reduced user base. But most people are unaware of the additional features of Bluetooth. The technology is wireless and allows users to connect multiple devices. It provides an affordable connection option with the minimal required interface. The connection and transfer are automated efficiently at the ease of minimal effort.

While you use Bluetooth to connect with your Windows device it is necessary to have a generic Bluetooth driver. These drivers play an important role to communicate with your system and pass the right set of commands.

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Not only connection with your Windows PC, but Bluetooth can also perform a set of other tasks too. The list below talks about different Bluetooth uses other than wireless audio.

Amazing Bluetooth uses Except Wireless Audio

Here are the different Bluetooth uses that are unknown to many users. Try them out as per your requirements.

#1 Transfer Data Across Different Devices

The initial use of Bluetooth was to transfer images, music, and other important data between mobile phones. This later expanded to move files from smartphones to other PC or different gadgets.  These gadgets must be configured with compatible Bluetooth functionality. This does not require any external device to transfer data like cables, etc.

#2 Play Games with Bluetooth

Gaming has increased exponentially in the past few years. Every day new applications are uploaded to different app stores. Many multiplayer games are played while sitting next to each other. Bluetooth enables players to play multiplayer games on google and apple store.

#3 connecting Bluetooth with cars

Cars have now become a necessity in developing cities. Bluetooth use in cars comes with a lot of features. You can browse your favorite music from your smartphone or go hands-free for a call while you drive. Connecting your phone through Bluetooth can also help you in providing navigation guides.

#4 Connect a variety of devices

Not all systems provide a number of ports to connect multiple devices. In the era of developing lightweight PCs and laptops, connection ports are limited. In the wireless technology of devices, a variety of devices come enabled with Bluetooth connectivity. Few Bluetooth devices are given below:

  • Keyboard – Use a Bluetooth keyboard without connection through wires. This makes your keyboard handy and portable for use
  • Mouse – The Bluetooth mouse allows you to connect it with your laptop, tab, and personal computer. You can connect one mouse with multiple devices without any cables or wires.
  • Gamepads and remotes – Connect multiple gamepads, PlayStation, Xbox, and other controllers to have smooth gameplay.  Many high-end games require connecting external devices like remotes, wheels, etc. All these can be connected through Bluetooth.
  • Printers- Bluetooth printers provide the ease of wireless printing.

#5 Manage gadgets used for security purposes

With growing technology, security concerns are rising. And to fix this the gadgets that come for security purposes are equipped with more connection facilities. Many locks or doors come with Bluetooth connectivity. These can be unlocked or opened with one click from your smartphone. This makes it handy and easily approachable for users.

#6 Tethering via Bluetooth

The process of tethering is unknown to many. In this process, you can use your mobile network connection or WiFi of your smartphone with your PC or laptop. We use cables or WiFi generally to share mobile data but Bluetooth also provides this option. You can easily use your phone data on your laptop or computer by tethering.

Closing Lines

Many people think of Bluetooth as a technology that no longer holds importance. There are a bunch of other uses of Bluetooth that will keep it going in the tech market. The above-listed Bluetooth uses are simple and easy to set up. The flexibility that Bluetooth provides is incomparable. You can connect a variety of devices using Bluetooth.

Let us know in the comments what you use Bluetooth for. Add on to the list of Bluetooth uses by commenting down below.

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