4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Poly Sync Speakerphone

As the world continues to gravitate more towards hybrid working models, the need to improve the quality of sound also raises hence the invention of speakerphones to enhance the quality of communication. The audio quality produced by laptops and smartphones is not perfect, meaning you have to involve another communication tool that will aid in sounding more professional. The number of people using online platforms like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and Dial pad to conduct long-distance meetings is massive.

The visual and audio input should be top-notch to conduct these meetings successfully. This has led to Poly launching a new product, a new company from the coalition between Plantronics and Polycom. The following are advantages of using the newly launched speakerphone:

Unparalleled Audio Quality

The poly sync speakerphone brings your audio experience to life by eliminating all distractive background noise and echo that may occur during communication. Poly has more than 50 years of producing heritage audio and began with NASA and Apollo 11, which were baked together to produce a modern device. The speakerphone lets your caller get what you are saying without experiencing any technical hitches or setbacks.

With Poly’s superior audio techniques, people from both ends can have simultaneous communication without muting, with the conversation being as natural as possible as if it was one on one.

Long-Lasting Battery Life and Device Charging

Poly sync speakerphone has a battery life of 30 hours, enabling you to work without any pressure of it going off. You can connect the speaker’s USB port to your smartphone, which allows you to stay charged for as long as you need to use the speaker. The long battery life eliminates the need to charge it more often, with the charging duration taking up to five hours for it to serve you well.

The speakerphone comes with a built-in power bank helpful in recharging phones, especially in desperate situations. Moreover, the built-in power bank is helpful when you are engaged in conference calls or meetings, which is a big step towards making your life easy.

Slim and Enables Portability

The speaker is designed to conveniently enable you to move with it from place to place. Its advantageous features include:

  • It is slim to fit in your office bag
  • It is light to prevent bulkiness while moving around
  • Its fitted with a wrist lanyard for security
  • It has a carrying case which helps make it more secure and facilitates storage
  • It is dust and water-resistant, which guarantees its lifespan and makes it easy to clean

The portable mechanism enables you to use the poly sync speakerphone anywhere and conduct meetings naturally without your caller knowing where you are.

Bluetooth and USB Connectivity

The poly sync speakerphone is available in two versions, enabling you to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and connect to a laptop via a USB cable. With the advanced Bluetooth adaptor, you can also wirelessly connect to your computer and conduct your activities. The speakerphone is fitted with an A 3 microphone steerable array which optimizes voice pickup hence enhancing sound.

The speaker comes with a bass reflect with dual passive radiators and a responsive loudspeaker frequency. When purchasing a speakerphone, it is important to go through the standard features and concentrate on its impact on your life. You can listen to good-quality music and have a great time with the voice quality.

All someone wants is a good quality speakerphone that will give you value for your money. If you are in for the idea of improving the quality of your meetings and music, poly sync speakerphone is the appropriate product to settle for. The sleek device is designed to solve your communication quality in all aspects regardless of where you are. Apart from its stunning look, the speakerphone has end-to-end LED light bars, which notify you when it’s active and enhance its appearance and make it look cool. The speaker also has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty compared to earlier devices which only had a one-year warranty.

The poly sync speakerphone is expected to go through more upgrading in the future, which will make conversations swifter and, in turn, influence more people to use it.

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