The 10 Best Ways to Find Your Next Ruby Developer

Hiring top talent can be tough, especially if you’re on a budget. Ruby developers are in high demand and the good ones are rarely looking to change jobs, so you’ll want to make sure you give them every reason to want to work with your company instead of their competition’s. To help you find your next great developer, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best ways to find your next Ruby developer! From reaching out to startups in your area to contacting local universities, we’ve got you covered!

Use in-house networks

Whether you work for a startup or an established company, odds are good you know other professionals who can connect you with potential candidates. Use your network! Just be sure to do it in a way that doesn’t damage your professional relationships. Take someone out for coffee and ask for their advice. Let them know you have some openings and could really use their help finding someone great.

Use your personal network

The first place you should look when hiring a developer is your personal network. If you have a connection, even a loose one, find out if they know anyone who’d be perfect for your team. This can help build an employment pipeline and ensure that you never get caught without a developer again. You can also ask any local meetup groups or other tech organizations if they can provide some guidance in finding your next hire ruby on rails developers         .

Reach out to former employees

If you’re looking for a developer who has already worked for your company, reach out to former employees. They already know what it’s like working with your team and can potentially point you in a direction of someone who would be a good fit for your open position. For example, if an employee quit abruptly and you think they might have badmouthed your company, there may be instances where that same person did not disclose their real reason for leaving, or they might just be feeling bitter.

Use trade journals and job boards

If you’re running a software company, I can almost guarantee that at some point in your history you’ve looked for a developer. If so, where did you look? The answer is pretty simple: job boards and trade journals. There are many benefits to using these sources of talent; first off, you know what you’re getting. When working with someone who has been vetted by a third party (in other words, an HR person), there are no surprises. You also have more time because these people already have experience as developers. It’s also good because these people often come with references; they already have someone on their side who will vouch for them if something goes wrong or not as expected.

Look for students studying computer science, IT, or related fields

Many college students majoring in computer science or IT are looking for employment opportunities. Reach out to local universities, alumni associations, and student clubs to find potential candidates. Ask your current employees if they have friends studying computer science or IT who might be interested in a summer internship at your company. To hire ror develoers who are already working full-time, job fairs (especially those for career changers) can be great places to find new talent.

Advertise on specialized websites

If you’re specifically looking for a developer with a certain skill set, it’s important to find and advertise on websites that cater to developers in your desired field. With specialized websites like Stack Overflow and Dribbble, you can reach developers who fit your professional needs at no cost.

Check for open positions in local companies

If you don’t have much time but are interested in hiring a developer, head over to your local job sites and check for any open positions. You may be able to find talent right in your own backyard. While it may not feel as professional, reaching out personally on social media or using more informal communications like email can make all of a difference when it comes to hiring an employee.

Utilize staffing agencies

Staffing agencies are your best bet for finding qualified developers in a hurry. Because their livelihood depends on helping companies find candidates, you can be confident that they’ll produce good results. Just make sure to do your research; not all staffing agencies are created equal, and some have spotty reputations or unethical practices. Only work with those you trust and feel comfortable with.

Network at user groups, conferences, meetups, and hackathons

If you’re hiring developers, there’s no better place to look than at events where developers gather. Look for developer meetups in your area, or sign up for a conference on your industry and network with attendees before and after presentations. But make sure you have an angle; don’t just show up with a stack of business cards. While developers do want jobs, they are also looking for interesting projects.

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