How to Make Use of Your Old Tech Devices

Do you have old tech devices that you no longer use? Maybe you upgraded your iPhone and now have an iPad or Android phone laying around. We’ve all been there, but instead of just letting it sit their gathering dust, why not get some use out of it.

list of ways that you can make use of your old tech devices

Re-Purpose Old Computers as a Server

If you have an old computer that’s still working, consider turning it into a home server. To set up a server, you’ll need to install the Linux or BSD operating system and configure it with the software packages of your choice. You’ll then be able to use it as a file storage device, a media center, or as a host for websites and other services.

Repurposing old computers as a server can help people who want to store their data on a personal network or on the internet. This can be very helpful when they are sharing information with family members, co-workers, and friends.

Use Old Phones as a Security Camera

This is a great way to turn an old device into a useful one, especially if it has a nice camera. If your old phone is broken you can fix it first by someone who specializes in iPhone repair in Houston or an area closest to you and then start using it as a security camera. There are apps and services that let you use an Android or iOS device as a surveillance camera, sending alerts to your new phone when it detects motion and even letting you see a live feed of what the camera sees.

Use Old Tablets as an E-Reader

A lot of people buy a tablet and then later decide they don’t really need it. In that case, why not repurpose it as an e-reader? Tablets are great for reading books and magazines because the screens are bigger than those on most e-readers.

How to Set Up Your E-Reader?

Download the Amazon Kindle app from Google Play (if you’re using an Android tablet) or from Apple’s App Store (if you’re using an iPad). Sign in to your Amazon account in the app — if you already have one, use those credentials; if not, create a new account when prompted. It’s free either way. Go to the Kindle Store and start downloading books onto your tablet.

How to Use Your Old Phone as a Security Camera?

There are several options for turning your smartphone into a security cam. We’ve rounded up our favorites for both Android and iOS, but here are some of the top choices: Manything (iOS): Manything is one of the most popular phone-as-security-camera apps, allowing you to set up your iPhone or iPad as a home security system. You can set motion detection and get video alerts from Manything on your new phone, giving you peace of mind about the safety of your home.

Presence (iOS/Android): Presence turns any spare iOS or Android device into free video surveillance for your home or office. With Presence, you can quickly and easily stream live video securely from anywhere in the world using any computer or mobile phone.

Set Up Your Old Phone or Tablet as a Dedicated Music Player

While we’re talking about tablets, if you invested in an iPad 2 or 3, the iPad 1 is still viable as a media player for home use. An iPad 2 is still able to update to the latest version of iOS, so it can still be used like any other tablet (though it may be slower than newer models). The original iPad, however, is stuck with iOS 5.1.1, which means it can’t really do much besides act as a music player and e-reader.

Smart Alarm Clock

An old phone makes a great alarm clock, especially if you’re going to use it in a secondary room like a guest bedroom or the kitchen. You can find plenty of free clock apps that have customizable alarms and show the weather, your day’s schedule, and more. If you have an Android phone, its built-in Clock app is perfectly suited for this purpose.

If you’re planning on leaving your phone plugged in all the time, set it to airplane mode so that it doesn’t waste battery life trying to receive calls or texts in the middle of the night.

How Do you Use an Old Phone as a Smart Alarm Clock?

Set your phone in airplane mode and leave it plugged in overnight. If you have an iPhone, go to Settings, Airplane Mode, and toggle on Airplane Mode. If you have an Android smartphone, swipe down from the top of the screen, tap the airplane icon and then turn on Airplane Mode.

Technology changes so quickly these days it can be tricky to know what to do with your old devices. Fortunately, with a little creativity, you can find plenty of practical uses for your old tech equipment. Just remember that most electronics can be reused in some way or for something, and you’ll have one less piece of technology to worry about.

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