10 Functional Gadgets and Accessories for Your Vehicle

Automotive technology has been skyrocketing for some time now, and you can make your car ride safer, more fun, and enjoyable than it was by using some functional gadgets and accessories. The gadgets are incredibly fantastic and you will experience a great and new innovation with them. Vehicle gadgets perform many functions, including warning you in case of a problem with the car and enhancing its performance to achieve a modern style.

Below are some functional gadgets and accessories for your vehicle.

1. Amazon Echo Auto

With the Amazon Echo Auto, you can take the Alexa voice assistant with you in your car. It is a nondescript gadget for plugging in the vehicle’s 12-volt outlet. You can also plug it into a USB port if you have it and connect it to your mobile device’s Alexa app. The gadget provides voice-activated services such as news, sports scores, video streaming, etc.

2. A Phone Holder

A phone holder is essential to help you keep your hands on the wheel while also seeing the GPS. A phone holder will work with almost all smartphones, and you can adjust the angle to fit your needs. Moreover, the gadget makes it easy for you to get the phone in and out.

3. A Hanging Diffuser

A hanging diffuser will help make your vehicle smell like flowers on wheels. You can choose from a broad selection of scent that you like or best suits your mood. With the diffuser, you will impress your passengers and feel calm when driving. Your car will be smelling fabulous with this wonderful accessory.

4. Chair Cushion

If you love going for long rides, you need a chair cushion for your back and butt. A car cushion helps to relieve pressure when sitting. You will definitely feel the difference as the cushion will make you feel super comfortable especially during long car rides. The cushions covers are also removable, so you don’t have to worry about keeping them clean. For additional comfort, you should consider a center console armrest cover. Not only does this improve the look of your interior, but it is also a practical and ergonomic addition to your vehicle.

5. CARhandGEL Dispenser

It’s essential to keep your hands clean, especially during these Covid-19 times. That’s why you need a CARhandGEL dispenser to keep your hands sanitized when out on a road trip. A CARhandGEL dispenser is an accessory specifically designed for cars and perfectly fits the car’s cup holder. The CARhandGEL dispenser can also be customized with your name or logo to make it more appealing.

6. A Cordless Vacuum

Sometimes dirt, food particles, and other pesky things seem to get stuck in the car. If you live near the ocean, the beach sand can make your car very dirty inside. That’s why you need a cordless vacuum to clean all the dirt, beach sand, and food particles. The good thing is that you can also keep this in your truck to clean up immediate messes.

7. Cart Trunk Organizer

It’s essential to keep your car trunk organized. A multipurpose organizer will offer you fantastic storage options. For example, you can use a trunk organizer to separate groceries or keep your sunscreen lotion easily accessible when going out for a long drive at the coast. The organizer is a great accessory to help you attain maximum organization. It also helps keep your items secure and safe.

8. Car Speakerphone

Your car will get you from point A to B, but with a car speakerphone, you can talk with your friends in any car with an appropriate device. Connect the speakerphone to your smartphone through Bluetooth technology. With this car gadget, you can speak with your loved ones in a much safer way. You should avoid risking your and other people’s safety by buying a Bluetooth speaker that will keep you hands-free and connected.

9. USB Charger

A USB charger will improve your road trips because you will stay online without your phone going off due to inadequate power. When buying a USB charger, ensure that it can charge your devices fast and it should have enough energy. You can also buy a USB charger with multiple ports to prevent arguments in the car about who will charge their phone first.

10. Pet Hair Removing Brush

If you have pets and always take them with you in your car, you need a pet hair removal brush. The brush is essential when your fur baby sheds all over the seats, almost making it impossible for you to carry passengers in the car.


This article has covered several car accessories and gadgets to help make your ride fun and easy. These gadgets come in different price ranges, and there is something for everyone with any budget. Find a brand that suits your car needs.

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