Now the moment has come when the list simply needs to be updated – since 2012, a lot of high-quality and worthy games for co-op have been released, some of them have even formed whole cults of avid fans.

Borderlands 2

A Successful continuation of the status Borderlands with a whole bunch of individual features and one of the most significant cooperative games in the gaming industry. Colorful characters, tons of different types of weapons, a developed pumping system, colorful graphics, and co-op for four people – this and much more entices you with your head. If you like such a game, pay attention to Borderlands the Pre-Sequel: without qualitative changes and by the established canon, the game works for a fan, and that is why it is on par with its predecessors.

Dead Space 3

The adventures of the unlucky Isaac Clarke on the ice planet Tau Volant are once again turned into a struggle against the disgusting. The main difference between the game and the previous parts in the series is the co-op for two people, which gave the process a lot of action and dynamism, which negatively affected the atmosphere.

Payday 2

The reference cooperative shooter about treacherous robbers in colorful masks is included in the list of the “best” for a reason: the game is characterized by team dynamism and variability in gameplay. Therefore, the joint passage supports many styles – the first will taste the local stealth, the second a variety of weapons that can destroy to smithereens.

Saints Row 4

We couldn’t do without a hilarious counterpart to the strict Grand Theft Auto, so this list is complemented by a black satire about resisting an alien invasion. The game seems to be one continuous parody: numerous references flicker in the plot, and the arsenal is full of rubber toys and dub step guns, which is especially fun in co-op.

Dead Rising 3

A solid mixture of a trash plot, black humor, and hordes of slow zombies, begging to get hit on the head with some kind of mace. Or a chainsaw. Or an electrified machete. The sophistication of the player in this regard plays an important role because a simple principle operates in the process: the better the weapon, the more spectacular the game. The co-op adds a lot of interest, in which you can destroy hordes of stupid animals in the company of a friend.

Dying Light

Community favorite Dead Island mix with the mechanics of Mirror’s Edge, which includes the standard zombie hack and slash using improvised means and dynamic park our as a way of constant movement, respectively. It is distinguished by our editor’s thanks to a solid cooperative for four people with the possibility of joint survival and completing additional tasks.

War hammer: End Times – Vermin tide

A pleasant first-person cooperative battle in the setting of a famous universe, as well as a good analogy of the cult, Left 4 Dead with jumping rats instead of zombies and magic staves instead of firearms. The gameplay is completely tied to the interaction of four players, which means that the success of the passage depends on the degree of coherence and communication within the team.

Killing Floor 2

Team shooter, from the most difficult start, continues to introduce the ideas of the first game to the masses. An avid fan will love this: there is blood and spectacle, class interactions, and hard survival in the face of wave attacks. The image is ruined by in-game micro transactions with golden trunks for 10 bucks, which came in exchange for endless DLC, but it doesn’t matter when the team is ready for the next raid.

Dark Souls 3

The game that ruined hundreds of good gamepads is on this list thanks to its difficult to implement, but enjoyable co-op. After fulfilling several conditions, the gameplay, hardcore and unfriendly, becomes enjoyable with the support of a true friend. Especially – in the fight against the most difficult bosses. Such mechanics are present in the first and second parts of the series, so we recommend plunging into the series with your head – it’s worth it.

Shadow Warrior 2

The story of the adventures of bald Lo Wang in the form of a cooperative first-person shooter. Even with a short acquaintance with the series, individual virtues for the game stand out: liters of bright blood spewed from slashed enemies; a decent arsenal, including saws, pistols.

Sniper Elite v2

A popular WWII series that tells the story of the invincible Kyle Fairbairn, an American sniper operating behind the lines of the Third Reich army. It differs from other pg slot games in the traditional co-op for the line: in the company of a true friend, the series will allow you to visit the destroyed Berlin of the 45th, the sandy Africa of the 43rd, and the color the 44th, while simultaneously shooting the Nazis and destroying the insidious plans to take over the world.

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