What to Know About Kitchen Custom Tongs

Custom tongs are used in various industries for various purposes. Food service companies use kitchen custom tongs to serve food, medical companies use them for lab experiments, and even personal chefs may need kitchen custom tongs for cooking more oversized items such as a whole turkey or brisket. Customers can even give custom tongs as a gift to someone special.

Benefits of Using Custom Tongs

There are many benefits of using custom tongs. They help serve food more efficiently, are easier to use, and look better in the eyes of the customers. The customer will feel like they are getting special treatment when using these tongs.

Tongs are essential to cooking and many other types of food preparation. They can handle meat, fish, vegetables, and other food items. Avoid using a thin loaf pan or baking dish when selecting a baking pan. Meatloaf pans are the greatest choice for this since a snug fit causes the loaf to steam. You may also use tongs for gripping ice, crushed tomatoes, or spices such as cumin and coriander seeds to toast them in oil before grounding them into a paste. There are different BBQ temperature controllers, through which you can cook the food.

Custom Tong Applications

Because they are essential to food preparation, tongs have different applications. Some are thin and delicate but strong, others are short and stubby, and others have extended handles for more leverage.

When it comes to cost, customers should be aware that custom tongs will generally be more expensive than regular tongs, but only because you pay for your design. Customers should also know that the companies may require a deposit upfront. 

Customized tongs look good, but they also come in different styles and colors to choose from. The colors are usually various shades of red or sometimes even blue, depending on the food served. Some companies even make them in a more classic shade, such as black or silver.

Customers should keep in mind that the width of the tongs must match the saucepan to which they will be attached. 

Selecting Custom Tongs

To select the proper custom tongs by LoTech Sales, one must first identify the task done by them. You can do some tasks easily with a pair of regular kitchen tongs, and others may require several types of specialized tongs.

The most commonly used tongs are standard kitchen tongs, also known as turners or spatulas. They come in two sets and are either hard plastic or stainless steel. The average length of a pair is 14 inches, and they are used to flipping burgers and other items while frying them in oil. You can also use them to turn significant cuts of meat over the grill, transfer cookies from a baking sheet to cooling racks, and flip pancakes on a grill, among many other uses.

A set of tongs specifically meant for handling raw meat may be a wise investment. There are two main designs: a pair of long, narrow tongs that look like a more extended and thinner version of regular kitchen tongs. They have small teeth at the end to grip the meat to help hold it in place while cutting. The second design is called a butcher’s pair. They are short and stubby, each handle about 4 inches long, with grips that curve slightly up at the ends.

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