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What Is Pertinent Literature Review? Purpose and Other Information

Literature reviews are an important aspect of your college research paper or thesis. Your research paper is incomplete without a valid and thorough literature review pertinent to your research topic. It is essential to back your claims and add credibility to your research with prior research. Your pertinent literature review is a snapshot of how well-researched and valid your current research is, and it appeals to your readers as well. But what is a pertinent literature review? How are findings with pertinent literature related? To know the answers to these questions, you must follow this article till the end.

What is a pertinent literature review?

A pertinent literature review examines books, academic papers and other materials related to a certain subject, field of study or philosophy. It summarises, synthesises and critically assesses these works in connection to the research problem under consideration. Literature reviews offer a summary of the sources you used when studying a certain issue and show your readers how your research fits into a wider area of study.

Your pertinent literature review’s purpose is to:

  • Include a stable platform of knowledge about the subject.
  • Avoid repetition, focus on areas of earlier research, and show gratitude to other researchers.
  • Detect inconsistencies like loopholes in research, disagreements in earlier studies, and unanswered issues.
  • Determine the necessity for more research.
  • Determine the link between works in terms of their contribution to the subject and other publications.
  • Put your findings in the field of available literature and make a strong case for why a need for more research is there.

How are findings with pertinent literature related?

The primary rationale for using relevant research in your pertinent literature review is to enlighten on your work and its relevance. You offer relevant prior research in the literature review to provide additional context for your study and form the basis for your research questions. You should devote a significant amount of time to your literature review. This way, you can incorporate much previous research into your dissertation if you do it well. Pertinent literature review can inform you whether or not you addressed your research questions earlier. It can assist you in determining the interest level of a research issue. It may inspire you to perform your research. It can inform you how your work fits into the larger body of research. You can even get help from PhD dissertation writing services in case of any issue.

During your literature search, you can:

  • Explore what data exists relevant to your topic of interest,
  • Expand your knowledge in your research area,
  •  Identify gaps in prior literature,
  •  Develop fresh perspectives,
  • Prevent unnecessary imitating the results of other analysts, and
  • Rationalise the significance of your research study.

You must also focus on understanding what is relevant or irrelevant to your research topic. In your pertinent literature review, you must not add anything unrelated to the planned research. You should know that the findings of your study are related to pertinent literature.

• You should make notes while reading pertinent literature for your research so that you do not miss out on any detail.

• Take notes while reading about prior studies’ assertions and significant outcomes. It saves time when you write in future.

• Skim through pertinent literature and look for significant results of journal papers present in the Abstract section. It helps you search for desired information in the papers.

Why is literature review pertinent in any educational research?

The purpose of your pertinent literature review in educational research is to gather knowledge of existing research and debates pertinent to a certain topic or field of study. It helps communicate the information you collected in a pertinent literature review.

When you conduct a literature review, it assists you in expanding your knowledge in your research area. Your pertinent literature review helps you learn about key ideas, research methodologies and experimental approaches in your discipline in educational research. It also helps to understand how researchers apply what you learned in your academic area to real-life settings. Another significant advantage of conducting a pertinent literature review is that you better understand how to present research findings and debates in your specific area. You are more effective at composing literature reviews for your field if you heed what you read and strive to emulate the style.

Your literature review is pertinent in educational research since it helps to identify research gaps. It helps to identify what previous scholars failed to address so that you can work on that area through your research. Your pertinent literature review in education will help you work on the relevant policies and frameworks required to overcome any barriers in education. It also helps provide an overview of the existing state of research on a certain area. It is the most evident benefit of the literature review. When a researcher decides a study topic, review of pertinent sources assists in establishing what you already know about the issue and how dense its search was in the past.

After completing the literature review, you have a stable base of knowledge in the field and a strong sense of the trajectory any new study should take. If any further question develops throughout the investigation, you must know which specialist to contact to resolve such concerns promptly.


Your relevant literature review provides an overview of how well-researched and valid your present study is. It also appeals to your viewers. Literature reviews provide an overview of the sources you studied when researching a certain topic. It shows your readers how your research fits into a larger field of study. The key reason for including relevant research in your pertinent literature review is to shed light on your work and its significance. Your relevant literature review in educational research aims to learn about current research. It adds discussions on a certain topic or field of study. You must now know what the pertinent literature review and its purpose is. You can follow this article as a guide to writing a ground-breaking literature review.

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