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There’s been plenty of debate about how to train in training Human Resource (HR) professionals “get a seat at the executive table.” I’ve seen it discussed in Training & Development magazine, HR Magazine, and many other trade publications. In addition, the local chapter member of the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and other professional organizations offer training sessions on the issue.

As I had the privilege of sharing my experience of “getting the chance to sit on the Executive Table,” I thought it was the perfect moment to tell my story. In the beginning, I spoke to my former manager, Jim Yoakum, who was willing to take part with me in writing the story. Then, we talked about changing the relationship between Trainers of VPs from being distant into intimate business partners over several lunches and emails. (See “You Do Not be a part of the Big Dogs If You’re Left on the Porch: A Story of a Trainer’s Journey to the Executive Table.

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The journey is lengthy and complex! After moving from all the comforts and perks of my post as a trainer’s manager in the company’s training department, I was offered the job to be the trainer in charge at the newly-established company. But, like many employees in HR or training, I was offered an unflattering title. Jim, my boss, who was my replacement, did not like my views on HR-related tasks. He thought I was “overhead” and a “necessary negative thing.” It’s not the most appropriate way to describe me in building credibility, and it’s crucial to the success of your goals in your business.

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Over five years, we built a strong relationship that benefited from each other’s experiences and viewpoints. It wasn’t an easy process for everyone, particularly at the beginning. However, the result was well-deserved. I was promoted from “just instructor” to the “chief of staff.” My job changed from creating and delivering training courses to becoming an integral business partner. This led to my earnings doubling as I contributed to the company. Likewise, my contributions to the business increased by ten times.

Jim and I went over the steps he was required to follow to find out that I’m a respected employee and a key component of the department’s performance. To help you replicate our achievements, we’ve made a short checklist. To provide a brief overview of the checklist, we found ,tips for trainers regarding earning the title of the executive. (And while our list is targeted at trainers, the suggestions can be useful for anyone who wishes to be viewed as serious in their work.

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Produce results, not only assignments. Working 12-14 hours per day is possible, putting together distinctive programs, such as CBTs and educational resources. You might be thinking, “So how do I go about it?” Regarding business, how does your job contribute to the company? What challenges have you dealt with? What business initiatives have you gained momentum due to your efforts?

Take a look at the activities you took part in over the past six months. Record the business outcomes you’ve gotten from the effort to measure the results. Make sure that your time and energy justify the outcomes of your company. What you’re measuring is important. Business leaders don’t care about how many classes you’ve taken, the number of classes you’ve taught or the standard you achieved on your assessment forms. Instead, they look for an individual who can aid in enhancing efficiency, customer service, and profits by removing “people problems” and aiding them to achieve their goals.

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