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Frequently Asked Questions About Wall Hung Vanity Units

No bathroom can be a perfect space without the availability of bathroom storage. While many types of bathroom furniture are available, wall hung vanity units are a recent trend. With the growing need for bathroom storage, everyone is trying to find some suitable ways to increase storage capacity in the bathroom. But one thing that everyone wants is that the storage should be enough in accordance with your needs as well as create attractive looks at the same time. Your options may include freestanding, floor standing, and wall-hung vanity units UK . All of these can be a great addition to your bathroom but under your specific needs. Therefore, it is important to understand where what can be the best option for you.

While a wall-hung vanity units are becoming popular, it is important to know some important information about them before getting ahead with your choice.

Wall Hung Vanity Units

The wall hung vanity units are the type of bathroom cabinets that fits on the wall. People know these with the name of floating and wall-mounted style vanity units too. Due to their shape and over-the-wall fittings, these offer many incredible benefits over other types of bathroom storage.

Features of the Wall Hung Vanity Units.

The following features characterize the floating bathroom furniture. 

  • One of the distinctive features of the wall hung vanity units UK is that these create the illusion of more space in the bathroom. That makes them a preferable choice for the small bathrooms or cloakrooms. It comes from the space that is under the sink these empty. As a result, your bathroom looks bigger and less occupied.
  • Another feature of these units is the minimum impact inside the bathroom in terms of space occupancy. Again, that is a great feature helping you make the most out of available space.
  • The floating style vanity units are mostly found in the luxurious bathroom. Due to their minimalist neater looks, such units can be very helpful for creating a luxury bathroom look.

Are Wall Hung Vanity Units Hard to Install?

 When it comes to installation, wall-hung vanity units can be a bit hard in comparison to other types. It is because of their floating style that will require fixing over the wall. There is a lot of things involved in the process, including tear opening the wall, notching the studs, and fitting of supporting beam. Such thing makes it possible to bear the weight of the vanity unit. After installation, you can patch and dry the wall to look as it was before. While other types of vanities can be a simple DIY project over the weekend, installing the wall hung vanity requires the plumber for fitting.

How Much Weight Can I Put on A Wall Mounted Vanity Unit?

The weight that a simple floating vanity can vary greatly. For a vanity that ranges from 600 to 1500mm and 500mm depth can bear up to 100 kg. This reference weight is only suitable for MDF vanity units that is the most common material for vanity units in the UK

At What Height Floating Vanity Units are Fixed?

There is no set height at which you can fit a floating style vanity. It depends on your choice. You may go up and down according to your height and the other users. It is important to keep it at a comfortable height that is usually around 30 to 36 inches above the ground. However, it depends on you. There will be no difference in fitting whatever the height you choose for it.

Are Floating Vanity Units Cheaper to Install?

The wall hung vanity units UK are trendy and in demand for a contemporary bathroom. However, these are not the most economical option compared to other vanity unit styles. The unit price is higher than the other types. You will have to pay for additional costs in terms of installation, as these are a bit more complex to install. The price also depends on the material and size you choose for your vanity.

Final Thoughts About Wall Hung Vanity Units.

The wall hung vanity units are on trend and will remain in high demand in the future as well. We have provided you with the answers to the most common questions about these units that you may have in your mind. You can get high quality bathroom furniture at Royal Bathrooms’ online store in the UK.

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