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There aren’t many places in the world as breathtaking and serene as Nepal. Tucked in between the Himalayas, this wonderful country is rich in untamed nature, welcoming locals, mouth-watering delicacies, and a fairytale-like landscape. Once you step onto its land, you would never want to return home. This landlocked Himalayan nation offers a plethora of things for its visitors, from trekking the splendid ground to embarking on an adventure of a lifetime, here are some of the reasons everyone should place Nepal on their bucket list.

A tiny country with vast diversity

Unlike any other country on the planet, tiny Nepal can brag about being home to over 35 ethnic groups. With that in mind, by visiting this amazing country you would have the opportunity to experience the diverse culture, listen to unique languages, and set out of your comfort zone by immersing yourself in its distinctiveness. This small country that starts 65 meters from sea level at Jhapa to the top of Mt. Sagarmatha (Everest) is full of dissimilar beliefs, cultures, and traditions. Every day is like a new beginning, it’s a place where time stands still, and where locals offer life lessons with every new stay.

Immerse yourself in the cultural mixture

Some of the earliest inhabitants of Kathmandu Valley still speak their language Newari or Nepal Bhasa, but many locals are open to cosmopolitan changes. Even though many locals still embrace traditional values and beliefs, there are many who wish to blend with modern alterations. Hence, many people are learning a foreign language such as English, what’s more, there are many mindful people who choose Nepal as the thriving destination to go and teach English abroad. By volunteering in this tranquil country, people learn how to accept the distinctive culture, embrace various traditions, and explore one of the most lavish places on the globe.

Immerse yourself in the cultural mixture
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A place with abundant fascinating heritage sites

Nepal can boastfully brag about having the two most fascinating UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites, the glorious Kathmandu Valley, and Lumbini. Both places are absolutely unmissable and contribute to making the country even richer. In the enriching Kathmandu valley, which is also known as the spiritual hearth of Nepal, you could witness plenty of glorious medieval temples, the flabbergasting Buddhist monasteries, and at Lumbini, which is the birthplace of Buddha, you can marvel at the tranquil surrounding and untouched delights.

A plethora of adventurous activities

Nepal is a foot away from the astonishing Himalayas, what’s more, the country is warmly called the “Kingdom of Himalaya”. The reason lies behind being surrounded by the eight highest mountains that keen adventurous are eager to explore. The majestic Mt Everest with its 8,848m peak is another reason why so many travelers and adventure-seekers love to visit the country. Besides having plenty of trekking routes such as Mt. Everest Base Camp trekking or Upper Mustang Restricted Area, Nepal is the perfect place where you can go to unleash your wild side and hop on an extreme adventure that you would cherish for life. Mountaineering, exploring, biking, hot air ballooning, paragliding, stargazing, horse riding, and many other activities await visitors to this paradise.

A plethora of adventurous activities
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The Himalayan jewel with savory delights

The masterful mountains that surround Nepal are not the only things that attract people around the world, people, friendliness, atmosphere, and food do as well. Nepal is rich in food and offers savory delicacies that make people come back for more. The thing that utterly distinguishes Nepal from other surrounding countries is the unique flavors that neither India nor China can top up. The cuisine has been influenced by its neighbors but the genuine tastes remain. For instance, only in Nepal can you try Dal bhat the national dish of Nepal, which is a specialty with lentils, rice, and curried vegetables, and the tasty Momo or Nepalese dumplings that can be bought on any corner, The dumplings are served with tomato sauce and filled with either meat or veggies. Let’s not forget about chatamari, aloo tama, or juicy dheedo that will enliven all your senses.

Embrace the splendid wildlife

The lush and dignified Asian wilderness is set mainly in Nepal. People who set their mind to visiting amazing Nepal solely due to its perfect wildlife, they won’t get disappointed. At Chitwan National Park, which is yet another UNESCO World Heritage Site, animal lovers could wither an awesome variety of animals. If you are lucky enough, you could spot the grandiose Royal Bengal tigers, sloth bears, wild elephants, one-horned rhinos, and hundreds of bird and monkey species. On the other hand, if you merely wish to explore the calm side of Nepalese wildlife, then you can visit a more pristine national park like Bardia and see red pandas, snow leopards, yaks, and many more. Embrace the chance to explore the amazing wildlife in this heaven on Earth country.

Diverse national parks, astounding wilderness, ancient culture, scenic monasteries, and other wonders await you in this amazing Asian country. All in all, there are so many other things that Nepal has to offer. And if you haven’t done that already, set the date and put this wonderful country to be your next holiday destination. You won’t get disappointed.

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