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What Is Garage Door Opener? And How To Program Car Garage Door Opener?

Garage Door Opener

Garage door openers are standard devices that can be purchased at almost any hardware store of the retail variety. Many people have them installed in their garage doors, and they tend to operate countless times daily without fail. However, when it comes time to repair one or purchase replacements parts for your garage door opener system, it is always best to go with top brands like Genie, Lift Master, etc., as these companies can offer the highest quality products/services available on the market today.

When looking for a replacement remote control device or maybe just buying an extra unit to keep in your car, do not skimp out on price! It is better to pay slightly more money now rather than deal with inferior quality or have to buy a garage door opener replacement product again shortly.

How does a garage door communicate with the vehicle?

The receiver in your garage door opener is responsible for receiving radio frequencies transmitted from the transmitter system in your car. The garage door opener works with all popular household remote control systems, including 315 MHz, 390 MHz, 433 MHZ, or 418 MHZ frequency bands. 

A protective film will be on the new remote controls. Pull this movie out immediately to activate and connect your new remote opener to the Genie garage door for two seconds, or until the LED indicator light starts to flash, press and hold the program button. Twice press and hold the remote’s button. Your new opener will start to blink the LED in response, indicating that it has been programmed.

All you have to do is press a button on an individual unit that sends out a specific radio frequency transmission to the receiver hardware installed inside of your garage door opener circuit board. When this happens, the signal can either be converted into an electrical code within the circuit board or sent straight up to the electromagnetic speed-reduction chain pulley system located at the top of your garage doorway. These parts are responsible for opening and closing your garage door via their internal gears that latch onto the chain and turn it accordingly.

How to program car garage door opener with remote control?

  1. Turn on the car ignition and turn off your garage door system (garage door opener).
  2. Locate the “learn” or “smart” button (usually located in or around the motor head) inside of the garage door opener motor head unit. If this button is not present, consult the owner’s manual for information regarding your specific garage door opener model program.
  3. Press and release the learn/bright button within 60 seconds of turning on your car (on some brands, you can also use a screwdriver to specific short terminals together). You may need to do this before you go into your garage if there are no windows available from which you can see what you are doing.
  4. Immediately press and hold the button on your remote device until the door opener light flashes once (usually, you will release this button right after pressing it in). This may take up to 60 seconds or more, depending upon how much time is programmed into your specific model of garage door opener.
  5. If you have a successful signal from your remote device, then wait for another two minutes before trying to open/close the garage door again with your current small device – in case there are other signals in the area which might interfere with yours. You can now use your existing remote machine to operate the garage door opener without any further programming!

Note: If you have a 2-button remote control, each button should operate the door independently (i.e., either switch can open or close the garage door). If you have a 3-button remote control, then pressing both buttons simultaneously will enable “Quick Open” (this is useful when pulling into your driveway with groceries in tow).

How to program car garage door opener without remote control?

Some brands of garage door openers allow you to program them without using one of their remote controls. While this method may not be possible on all brands of garage door openers, it does work on Sears Craftsman and Lift Master models:

  1. Turn on the car ignition and turn off your garage door system (garage door opener).
  2. Make sure that there are no obstructions between the remote device and the receiver (you can usually test to see if this method will work by closing the door halfway while standing in front of it, then trying to use your remote).
  3. Enter programming sequence (consult garage door opener owner’s manual for exact programming instructions-usually, you press a button five times within 3 seconds or something similar).
  4. Press/hold the receiver “Learn” button until the red light stays on solid – do not release this button until step 5 is complete!
  5. Turn the transmitter on and press desired button, the red light should flash twice, indicating that the signal was sent successfully. You may need to repeat steps 3 & 4 if there are no positive results from pressing the “Learn” button again.

Note: You can then try to operate the door by pressing the “Programmed” button on your remote device or pressing either of the buttons on a 2-button remote control.

Final Thoughts

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One final thing to keep in mind when using your garage door opener system is that all wireless devices are prone to interference or even failure at some point. This can be due to many factors, but it is always good practice not to rely on 100%. If you want an added degree of safety/security for your home (and especially if you have kids), make sure that you install a backup wall switch-controlled unit permanently inside your garage, this way, both methods will allow you access into your home!


What is the difference between a garage door opener and a gate opener?

Gate openers are explicitly designed for use on gates, whereas garage door openers are made to operate an overhead garage door (or sectional doors). Gate openers can be used on some garage doors, but they will not last as long or operate as smoothly in that environment. Garage door openers are often more potent than their gate counterparts, they must be able to open hefty objects without fail.

What is the difference between “chain drive” and “belt drive” systems?

Chain-driven systems usually use metal chains/cables which attach to both sides of the garage door, while belt-driven systems utilize rubber belts that attach to a rail system inside the door assembly. The advantage of belt-driven systems is that they are typically much quieter in operation and require less maintenance than their chain-drive counterparts.

What should safety features be incorporated into a new opener?

Every safety feature you can afford should be built into your garage door opener, this includes automatic reversing on contact with anything solid (people/animals/objects) when closing, photo eyes to stop the door from closing on things in front of them if there is insufficient clearance space for it to complete past them safely, and anti-entrapment devices which detect objects in the path of the closing garage door to prevent crushing injuries. These options may increase installation time and cost, but they are well worth the investment.

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