How to Find the Best Time to Sell Your Car

Selling a car gives you the chance to make some money while also clearing space in your garage. Many people want to sell their older cars, but they may not know when they should do so. With this in mind, you should identify the ideal time to sell your car, so you can help yourself get more money from the sale.

●    Look at the Local Market

You can begin by looking at your local market, so you can understand what you should sell your car for. For example, if you notice car prices continue to increase, you may want to wait a bit to get more money from it. However, if the prices seem to remain stable, you may want to sell your car before the price drops.

It comes down to understanding your local market since car sales will vary depending on the area. Demand also plays a role in the worth of your car, so you need to see if the market currently favors buyers or sellers before you sell.

●    Know the Value of Your Car

You also need to understand the amount of money you can sell your car for, so you can get the best value possible. This depends on the value of your car which will vary based on a variety of circumstances. For example, you may have an older model with tons of miles on it, so these points could drop the value of your vehicle.

Marks, scratches, and accidents can also impact the value of your car. For example, if you have dents in your vehicle, the overall value could drop. If you find yourself asking “what is my car worth?”, you can use online websites to find out.

●    Consider the Selling Options

You also need to think about the selling options available, so you can find the right choice for your situation. For example, you may notice you can sell your car for more if you put up signs on the street or create online listings. However, you may also discover you can get a good deal by using a local dealership.

It comes down to weighing out the price against the effort. For example, a dealership may offer you less money overall than if you sold it yourself, but you can sell your car immediately. Make sure you review the pros and cons to find the best selling choice for you.

●    Contact Multiple Dealerships

If you plan to sell your car to a dealership, you should contact multiple dealerships to see what each one will offer for your vehicle. Depending on the dealership you contact, you may get different quotes depending on your car. Because of this point, some dealerships may offer you more money than others, so you can get a feel for your car’s worth.

While this does take time to do effectively, you need to make sure you get the best value available. Otherwise, you run the risk of selling to one dealership and not getting as much money, so you must research the options to find an ideal offer.

●    Compare Online and Local Prices

While you should put effort into a local search, you should also look into the online prices available. By taking a look at online prices, you can see how much money people get from their used cars. This means you can find the same car model as your own and see how much people get from it.

However, you should realize the online prices may vary depending on the location of the vehicle. Make sure you consider points such as these, so you don’t expect too much money for your vehicle. You also need to compare the condition and the miles to help yourself identify an accurate estimate.


As you plan to sell your used car, you should figure out the best time to sell it, so you can get more money for your vehicle. Keep in mind cars will vary in their worth, so you should research the market and identify the ideal moment to sell. As you focus on this point, you can help yourself get rid of your car without ending up empty-handed from the situation.

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