6 Careers to Consider if You Truly Enjoy Driving

For a car and driving enthusiast, few things in life can match the joy of getting behind the wheel of an automobile and exploring the expanse of national roads and highways. While many car enthusiasts dream of becoming race car drivers, there are plenty of other exciting career paths pro drivers can pursue. The options range from offering emergency services, chauffeur services, or becoming an essential part of your community’s distribution network. Below are five lucrative career options for anyone who loves driving.

1.  Crude Oil Driver

Crude oil drivers play an important role in distributing petroleum and other oil products to various locations. Ferrying crude oil products is a delicate task that requires top-notch driving skills and competencies from aspiring drivers. In addition to superb Driving skills, crude oil drivers should have excellent record-keeping skills to ensure they maintain journey and time logs appropriately.

The driver should be able to inspect and keep their vehicle in good driving condition. They should conduct oil checks to ensure compliance with quality and safety before setting off for their journey. To avoid flouting DOT requirements, aspiring crude oil drivers must possess a valid commercial driver license (CDL) and a high school diploma or its equivalent. Crude oil drivers are one of the best-paid drivers due to the high competency requirements and the risky nature of their job.

2.  Bus Driver

Another career to consider if you enjoy driving is becoming a bus driver. There are many types of bus drives such as a school bus driver, or just a regular city bus driver. Either way, these jobs allow you to interact with personalities from all over the world while doing what you really enjoy which is drive. As a bus driver, you will need to know how to complete designated routes, follow traffic laws, and even know about how to maintain the quality of the bus. If you have been a bus driver for a while you know that driving a bus with a Detroit 60 Series Engine is the best option to keep routes running smoothly.

3.  Ambulance Driver

You can also put your driving skills to good use and help your community by becoming a paramedic or ambulance driver. Ambulance operators save millions of lives every day by responding to emergencies. Ambulance drivers and paramedics are usually the first to arrive on the scene of an emergency to administer first aid to injured patients before getting to them to a hospital.

Besides passing driving school, aspiring ambulance drivers need to attend paramedic science training, which is crucial when handling patients. Paramedic teams work in highly sensitive situations requiring quick thinking and expert judgment to make life-saving saving decisions. If you are passionate about saving lives, this might be a job for you.

4.  Tank Driving

If you are a car enthusiast who’s also passionate about serving your country, then tank driving might be a career for you. The military and special forces hire tank operators to help transport gear and supplies to various locations. Operating an armored military vehicle differs significantly from driving a regular road vehicle.

You’ll need to be between the ages of 16 and 35 to apply for the role, for starters. Aspiring tank drivers need to undergo first-class training in tank handling, an exercise that takes a few weeks. Additionally, tank drivers specializing in transporting hazardous cargo need to acquire a hazardous material (HAZMAT) certification to comply with tank driving standards.

5.  Long-Distance Delivery Driver

Long-distance delivery truck drivers are responsible for transporting cargo to various drop-off points within or outside their local state. Besides driving large trucks, delivery drivers should know loading and unload cargo. The driver should have good record-keeping skills to capture crucial trip details such as fuel consumption and mileage.

Truck drivers should have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and clean driving history like other driving jobs. Good time management skill is another requirement for truck drivers to ensure their deliveries get to their destination on time.

Lastly, truck drivers, especially those that traverse long distances, should have basic engine and truck maintenance skills.

6.  Driving Instructor

If you are a skilled driver who enjoys teaching, then a driving school instructor career might be for you. A driving instructor’s job is to teach other aspiring drivers the basics of vehicle operation and traffic safety. Instructors play a significant role in keeping roads safe.

To qualify as a driving instructor, you must pass the instructor exam and earn a certification. All instructors must have a violation-free driving history and a few years of driving experience. After earning your certificate, you can work for an established driving school or work independently. Independent instructors enjoy the freedom of setting their working hours and rates.

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