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Top 9 Best Methods About How To Get Rid Of Creases In Shoes?

Creases in Shoes

Creases in shoes mean indentations in the leather of a shoe caused when someone applies pressure to a specific area. It’s the natural way materials in shoes age and change over time, resulting from improper care or ill-fitting shoes. It is good to rotate several pairs of shoes to have adequate time to dry between wearing sessions.

Causes of crease in shoes

Flat surfaces are less likely to produce creases in leather shoes because the material has little or no curve. A crease can be caused by friction between your leg and shoe when walking due to pressure on the shoe while sitting down for extended periods, wrinkles in cloth-like materials rubbing against each other, etc.

Another important reason is the natural movement or bending of your foot onto your shoes, causing it to get creased over time. If the shoe is complex enough that it doesn’t move with the movement and bending of your feet, creases will appear on it. Due to inadequate fittings and the sizes, sometimes, one may buy a size bigger than his actual feet size, and a crease appears on the shoes. In the case of Leather material, it is more flexible, supple, and fairly malleable material the more you wear it. The joy and pleasure of wearing a fully made leather show depend upon how it adjusts itself and is made comfortable according to the share and size of your foot.

Top 9 best methods about how to get rid of creases in shoes?

1. Ironing

This is the standard method used by many people when trying to remove creases in shoes. However, there are several things you should take into account before resorting to this method. First, it may be hard to find an appropriate icon to use on the surface of your shoe.

If you already have steam-setting irons in your home, then there shouldn’t be any problem with using them. The trick is not to overdo it because the heat might damage the leather or at least alter its shape permanently. You can set it at medium temperature and test-press a small area in the back before trying it out again on another spot of your shoes.

2. A Shampoo Bag

This “machine” is a small mesh bag filled with a unique soap mixture sealed at the top. You can purchase one of these bags in most department stores for about $3-$4, and it should be enough to get rid of any creases you have on your shoes. Place your leather shoes or boots inside the bag, tie it closed and add water (hot water works best). Usually, filling it to at least half its capacity is enough because all you need is enough water to activate the ingredients within the shampoo bag.  

Once the water has penetrated through to the surface of your shoes, place them somewhere where they can lay flat and not roll over (e.g., overnight). Next morning take out your pants and check if they’re ready; brush off any excess shampoo, and you’re ready to go.

3. De-creasing Cream

This is a standard method that many people use when trying to remove creases from shoes. You can purchase it in most department stores for about $10, which should be enough to last you long enough before having to re-apply.

Apply the cream evenly on your footwear and leave it overnight (you can do an entire boot this way but make sure your shoes are completely dry inside & out before storing). Next morning take off your shoes and brush off any excess cream with a soft cloth or rag; finish it up by buffing them with a clean shoe shine brush if available; otherwise, use something like pantyhose or another soft material that will not damage your shoes.

4. Icy Hot & Baking Soda

This mixture can also be used to remove creases from shoes very effectively, but one thing you should know is that it takes time for this method to work, so you need to have patience when trying it out. It’s best if you begin with an older pair of boots or shoes that are no longer in use because they might get damaged when trying this method out.  

Combine equal parts baking soda and Icy-Hot cream (or Oradell) in a small bowl using the back of a spoon until the mixture has blended well together. Then apply it on the entire surface of your shoe or use either your fingers or a soft rag (pantyhose works well for this too).  

You can let it sit overnight but make sure you place your footwear face down, so the cream won’t seep to the other side. Before wearing again, brush off any excess cream with a clean cloth or paper towel, be careful, though, because it may leave stains on other materials.

5. Envelope Closure

This is another standard method that many people use when trying to remove creases in shoes. Take an envelope closure and flatten it out using either your fingers or something heavy like a book. The next step is adaptability; try fitting it inside your shoe, determine which areas need more force while stretching until you get the result.

6. Using Toothpaste

This is yet another easy method that people use when getting rid of creases in their shoes. Apply your ordinary toothpaste to the affected area and let it sit for about five to ten minutes before polishing off with a clean cloth.

7. Using Hair Blow Dryer

Using a hair blow dryer will work just as well, but you must make sure you hold it several inches away from your shoe, so you don’t damage its material or cause more creases. Another thing to keep in mind does not to have the hairdryer for too long. Otherwise, it’ll cook the leather.

8. Using Belt & Towel

This method might be a little unusual but works effectively when removing creases from boots made out of smooth leather. Take an old belt and stretch it out by rubbing it against a clean wall or surface; once you’ve done so, use the belt to rub against the crease until it’s gone. Then take some lukewarm water with soap added to it, dip your towel into the mixture before applying it on the entire surface of your boot until it’s completely wet.

9. Aluminum Foil

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This method is best if you’re trying to remove deep creases that have been set into your shoes for some time already. Ensure that you have removed all insoles or any other removable parts from inside your shoe because they might get damaged when using this method. Run over the affected area with a flat aluminum sheet (make sure it’s a new one because they’re sharp at the edges).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the best way to remove creases from leather shoes?

Leather is a delicate material, and sometimes it just can’t handle some of our more common methods such as Icy-Hot cream or baking soda & water. That’s why the best approach is to use a mixture of glycerin, rubbing alcohol, and talcum powder.
Just sprinkle some on your shoe, then work it in using a toothbrush before wiping off any excess with a clean cloth. Make sure you don’t rub too heavily because this will leave a mark.

How to remove creases from vulcanized rubber shoes?

If your shoes are made out of vulcanized rubber, another good technique you can try out is either oven cleaner or WD-40. Rub on a small amount into your shoe, then wipe off excess with a paper towel afterward. Be sure that the surface is immaculate before applying any polish or oil to it, as this will affect how the creases look later.

How to get rid of deep creases in black leather shoes?

Deep creases are hard to remove, but whatever method you try on your leather shoes must first be tested on an inconspicuous area. We’re dealing with heat and humidity here, so one of the best ways to remove them is by using a hairdryer and then polishing them off with some black shoe cream or special shoe polish formulated for dark-colored shoes only.

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