How to Celebrate Eid With Friends & Family

Eid al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting and prayer, and Muslims across the world celebrate it with friends and family. Because Muslims follow the lunar calendar, Eid al-Fitr moves from year to year and changes in timing based on when the moon is closest to being full in the sky. 

That means every year, Muslims get to celebrate this important holiday with their loved ones by wearing new Eid dresses and other different ways! Here are some tips for celebrating Eid with friends and family.

Some tips for celebrating Eid

Get Ready

Decide when you want to hold your party. Plan it a few days in advance so that you can send invitations and buy supplies. The Muslim calendar is based on lunar months, which means Eid falls on different days each year. If you want to know when yours will fall, find out when Ramadan ends and count back 11-12 days (Eid starts immediately after Ramadan).

Have a Plan

On Eid, it’s likely that you’ll be visiting friends and family from near and far. That means planning ahead of time is key and the most important is deciding on Eid dresses. If you don’t have time to visit a near brick and mortar store, you can purchase Eid dresses at Studio by TCS website. 

Don’t wait until an hour before your friend’s housewarming party to think about what you might bring for dinner or how many people might show up. Plan a week in advance if possible. You can always buy something at the last minute, but having a plan will ensure that you don’t forget anything important—and it will also help avoid stress later on when everything feels like it’s happening at once.

Choose your Eid dresses carefully

Some countries have a tradition of specific colours or styles of Eid dresses, whereas others don’t. If you’re in a non-tradition country and unsure of what is expected for clothing, research online about what other men wear on that day. 

You can also check with friends and family members who are more knowledgeable about local culture than you are. In some areas, bright colours of Eid dresses symbolize happiness and joy, so using brighter colours may be encouraged over darker ones.

Prepare Snacks and Drinks

Before starting any celebration, it’s important to make sure your home is ready for guests. Stock up on bottled water and juices, as well as small snacks like nuts and dried fruits. This will help keep energy levels high throughout the party. Plus, don’t forget about dessert! Try baking a batch of cookies or cupcakes so that everyone can indulge in something sweet at some point during the night.

Visit your Neighbours & friends 

At Islamic celebrations, neighbours and friends often visit each other. This year, be sure to make your own rounds as well! Visit your neighbours during Ramadan or on Eid (and even on weekends) with a box of sweets or some freshly baked sweets—your homemade goodies are always welcome. Simply knocking on a door is an act of social kindness that can go a long way in strengthening your relationships and community ties.

Have Fun!

It’s always a good idea to sit down with your friends and family before you make plans for what kind of celebration you want, but it’s even more important if you have specific requests or needs. For example, if there are things that you can’t eat or activities that are hard for you, make sure everyone understands these constraints and makes an effort to help keep them in mind.

Apart from this if you are interested to know about Ramadan and what is its significance in Islam then visit our Daily Bites category.

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