Expert Guide To Buy An Eternity Ring

Eternity Ring

Eternity ring– A ring symbolizing ‘eternal love’ that you’ve promised to carry forever in your hearts for one another. Having circular loop of diamond, this eternity ring is usually gifted to celebrate a special milestone in an anniversary. This beautiful ring communicates through its design itself. Thinking to buy an eternity ring? Confused thinking how to buy eternity ring? We bet you want everything from the store to the ring to be just perfect, don’t you? So, here we are to help you out in making this thoughtful decision.

How to buy eternity ring?

An eternity ring could be bought to insinuate something very deep and intimate in its meaning. When thinking how to buy the right eternity ring, you must break down the procedure into simpler steps so as to finally buy the right ring. The time to give an eternity ring could hardly be wrong but the ring could be if you don’t buy the right ring from the right place, don’t you agree? So, whenever you buy an eternity ring, make sure you always keep in mind some crucial steps that we’re going to discuss further.

What to keep in mind during buy eternity ring?

Being aware of the deep meaning that an eternity ring could communicate, don’t you think it is all the more important to discuss the steps to buy an eternity ring? Not as tedious as it may sound once you know the steps, is it? Hop on!


An eternity ring comes in a whole different set of styles. These style of the eternity ring determined by its setting and shape changes the whole game. Make sure your eternity ring goes with your engagement ring since people usually stack them together. Usually, a pave set eternity ring matches an engagement ring because it usually consists of small diamond set into the metal. See how the game changes once you know the style of eternity ring for women you want to buy.


As gorgeous as a Diamond eternity ring looks, we cannot overlook the fact that the size of the diamond really matters. Why? Because some people women prefer larger diamond while some prefer smaller one. While the size of the eternity ring also depends on the size of the engagement ring. You can measure the size of your engagement ring and see if it goes with the size of eternity ring and purchase accordingly. That simple!


You could be having a whole lot of options when it comes to the metal color, including yellow gold, rose gold or simple white gold. Apart from choosing what metal would go best with your eternity band, you want your metal to be of premium quality, don’t you? How would you do that? Well, the most popular way to do that is by checking the hallmarking of the metal of the band you’re looking to purchase. Hallmarking ensures that the metal has gone through rigorous procedure of purity testing and has come out victorious.


You could be having a huge variety of setting options for your eternity ring and yes it does make a difference. That’s why it is important to choose the setting you want your eternity band to be in. The setting options include prong, bezel, channel and pave, most common being the prong setting. If you’re looking to stack your eternity ring with other rings, make sure your setting matches your engagement or wedding ring or whatever ring you want to stack it with. Prong setting secures the diamond at its place and makes its look strike out while channel setting ensures that the diamond is well protected although most of it is hidden in the metal. That’s why prong setting is quite common in an eternity bands for couples since it makes the brilliant cut and the sparkle of the diamond quite evident.


Another crucial factor to look forward to is the carat weight of the diamond of the eternity ring you want to purchase because that does affect the price of the ring. The larger the diamond, more is the carat weight although an eternity band usually consists of smaller uniquely cut diamond. The carat weight of the diamond of eternity ring for women could range between 1/4 CT to 11 CT! Unbelievably drastic, isn’t it? Well, that’s why it is important to know the correct ring size of the girl you want to gift your eternity ring to and how big a diamond she’d prefer to wear, so that you can decide the weight of the eternity band accordingly.

Last but definitely not the least, it all in the end boils down to her preference. So, make sure you know what she’d like so that you aim the right bow. From the carat weight to the shape of the diamond, make sure you are able to identify her choice. You could always notice the ring she commonly wears or pop a conversation regarding rings to identify her taste if you don’t already know.


Finally, to buy eternity ring, a close look through of a number of steps could actually put you in the drivers’ seat. Being panicky is alright. We know you don’t want to mess up the big day. So, following the above mentioned steps could actually help you make this big decision quite easily. What are we here for after all? Remember from the style to the setting or weight of diamond, you have a wide variety of options available. Apart from making sure the ring matches her preference, you also want to ensure that spending the hard earned bucks of your money on the ring is worth it. Hope we could clear some of your confusion and could cover most of the important stuff under our radar. Having discussed that, we just want to wish you all the luck in buying the perfect eternity ring!

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