Professional Wrestling WWE Huge in Its Grace

This was an OK match but once again too short. Next, Lay Cool is always annoying before announcing that if Natalya beats Michelle McCool, she will get a wrestling belt title shot at Survivor Series. We see Natalya win. What a pretty shitty divas match was. We get some weird shit with Vince McMahon being in a coma only to discover that Stephanie was dreaming.

Orton pulls a fast one by hitting an R.K.O.

I will say that it was funny that out of any of the superstars, Vince named Daniel Bryan, and it wasn’t because he didn’t like the guy but rather to give him a push. It is the central event time, and it is the before mentioned tag team match between the teams wwe belts for sale of Wade Barrett & David Otenga and Randy Orton & R-Truth. Orton pulls a fast one by hitting an R.K.O. on Otenga while Cena is busy forcing Barrett back to his corner. This allowed R-Truth to pick up the win in a pretty good match to close the show for Raw.

Smackdown starts with Edge facing off against Alberto Del Rio. We ended up getting a fuck finish to a perfect match when Nexus came out. They said that they were taking Smackdown over, but that didn’t work as they were run off thanks to the combined effort of Kane, Big Show, Edge, Del Rio, and Rey Mysterious. Next, Teddy Long says that Nexus would face Kane, Del Rio, Big Show, Edge, and Mysterious in a ten-man tag. Up next was a nontitle match between J.T.G. and Dolphy Ziggler. Not that good of a game, and we see the issue between Vickie and Kaitlyn, which leads to a game later in the night.

Backstage we see Nexus beating up championship belts for sale, and because of that, he is replaced in the main event by Kofi Kingston. During a brief interview, we find out from Otenga that Wade Barrett left early to the United Kingdom to be with family and that he was taking charge of Nexus for the night. Next up is a triple threat match in which the winner would get a title shot next week against Dolphy Ziggler. The participants are M.V.P., Cody Rhodes, and Drew McIntyre, which was a good match that saw M.V.P. winning.

Next up is the match between Vickie and Kaitlyn, and this was one of the worst matches I have seen in a while. We see the same video package about standing up for the WWE show on Raw. We see yet another beat down from Nexus, but they assault M.V.P. and Kaval this time. The next match wasn’t that great as Tyler Rex beat Chris Masters after a few minutes. Not a bad main event as we see Edge, Kane, Big Show, Alberto Del Rio, and Kofi Kingston championship belts beat Nexus after Edge hit David Otenga with a spear.

 Even into the 1800s, professional Wrestling was huge in its grace. Back then, the sport was, in comparison, quite popular. Maybe not as popular as now, but popular. There has always been something about us as people being able to watch people beat up on each other. The sport continued to gain extreme followers until around 1920, when the subject of fakery came into play. What fakery was in professional Wrestling was planning the outcome of fights.

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