Hotel SEO: 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Hotel’s Online Visibility

This world is becoming all about digital presence. Whether you are an individual or you have an organization, if you are not present online then you cannot grow faster. Your organization’s presence online is close to as significant as the service you are giving. Without it, even the best hotels might encounter losses in income and the number of guests. Therefore, it is very important to understand how you can increase your online presence and how you can rule your business. This article will tell you about the 5 easy ways to improve your hotel’s online visibility. Let’s look at all these 5 ways.

Ways to Increase Online Visibility of Your Hotel

I. Social media – Facebook, Instagram & Linked In


It is impossible to discuss online visibility without referencing social media. Their power is obvious. So much so that relatively few brands face the challenge of not being present on them. Indeed, even the smaller neighborhood businesses choose them as a less expensive yet necessary form of advertising. The most well-known of them is, without a doubt, Facebook. In addition to the fact that it is the ideal tool to discuss your property, the new benefits you offer, post pictures videos, and even arrange contests, it is also quite possibly the most significant audit system online.

Moreover, it allows the satisfied guests to show their sympathy, similar to your fan page, share it with friends, and as a result, expand your local area. Regardless of whether you need to invest in a hotel website (in spite of the fact that I strongly suggest that you do, because it gives you validity), you can still use your Facebook fan page instead. While nothing will surpass your own page with suitable buttons and an easy reservation process, it can surely boost your correspondence abilities.

Your guests will actually want to remark and like your action, offer their own viewpoint on your hotel, and ask questions that you will actually want to answer rapidly. Facebook also gives you many advertising possibilities without spending a fortune. You can design campaigns however you prefer and choose how much cash you will spend on them. You need great knowledge of SEO for hotels website, only then you can be visible on social media for the most people.


While having a Linkedin account is not necessary for reaching the customers, it is certainly worth the effort because of the HR possibilities it offers. It is an amazing tool for professional relations. Firstly, it can empower new investment opportunities. Linkedin allows you to contact various individuals of different professions, including private backers and other powerful entrepreneurs, that could be useful to you to develop your business.

Secondly, it is the best spot to search for potential new staff members. It is especially important for more senior positions. Information, previous work insight, and contacts are essential for making the right boss worker relationship. While Linkedin may not give you an increase in visibility among customers, it is ideally suited for making business networks.

However, suppose you want to use it consistently. In that case, it could be really smart to invest in the Linkedin Premium record, which gives you more possibilities to message individuals without having them on your contact list.


Another significant social media platform is Instagram. It is useful to show your property and make it look appealing to your guests. Its prevalence is developing, especially among Millennials. So if your fundamental objective is individuals in their 20s, it is smart to start an Instagram to represent your property.

While its goal is different than Facebook’s, as is its crowd, it is still a useful advertising tool – especially if you intend to use influencers in your actions. While this subject is exceptionally sensitive for most individuals in the industry, the right VIP or Internet persona can significantly increase your visibility.

II. Reviews

No secret reviews are one of the central points for guests in choosing the right hotel. They frequently trust different travelers more than hoteliers. Their prominence is developing so fast that you can now survey items, properties, and services on most significant websites, such as the booking platforms, Facebook, Google+, and others.

It is essential to have reviews at the top of the priority list while arranging your customer service strategy. Great reviews lead to better visibility. Individuals don’t book offers and properties judged ineffectively by different customers. However, know that composing your reviews is not the ideal choice since numerous websites (such as Tripadvisor) can recognize self-serving reviews and push your property lower in the rankings.

Keep in mind that any actions you take will be judged and all the time shared with the world. Therefore, listen to your customers and attempt to help them answer their needs as much as possible. Some companies ask guests satisfied with the service to compose reviews, which can be a nice strategy, especially if your property is smaller or new.

III. Online Travel Agents

Online Travel Agents (OTAs) have turned into a force to be dealt with in the hospitality industry. Numerous experts guarantee that they are assuming control over the responsibilities of the hoteliers. The situation among OTAs and hotel owners is tense; however, that is a subject for another article.

While opinions on them fluctuate, their significance is unquestionable. They are at last another distribution channel that the hotels can use for advertising their properties and getting more bookings. Every hotelier should contemplate joining a booking platform to increase the property’s visibility. ê Many travelers never again search for hotels alone; they use OTAs to make their bookings as fast and helpful as possible.

If you hate Online Travel Agents, and the commission and rate equality clauses make you resentful towards them, there are still solutions you can use. For instance, the new platform works like an OTA; however, it does not charge commission nor incorporate rate equality clauses. Therefore, joining the right organization might be exceptionally valuable for you as it will acquaint more individuals with your hotel.

IV. Automation

Lastly, if you need to take your showcasing strategy to another level, you can contemplate advertising automation. What’s the significance here? It uses specialized software to execute, oversee and break down advertising processes. Instead of playing out these tasks physically, you get automatic tools that do it for you.

Many individuals accept that automation equals spam, which couldn’t possibly be more off-base. Gathering information and segmenting your crowd allows you to make personalized messages that will speak to your customers at a more profound level. You can also follow your campaigns and see what works and what doesn’t. In actuality, you are significantly more effective and applicable to your users.

Automation is a piece of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). However, it couldn’t assist you with visibility, yet more significantly with arriving at the right objective groups and getting more bookings. The subject of online visibility is unquestionably complicated. While this article just touches on the issue’s surface, it gives you a glimpse at some of the most useful tools you can use to increase the number of Internet users acquainted with your image.’

V. Videos

With Youtube being one of the most famous websites, it is a sorry surprise that videos are presently some of the best tools for increasing your hotel’s visibility. Content creators are told to use them in articles to get more views and longer lucidness. However, they are also a magnificent method for making sense of new offers and widgets.

As a hotelier, you can use videos in at least one or two ways. Firstly, they can be a brilliant method for showing your hotel and every one of its best features to the world. You can make a virtual tour or simply focus on some of the most beautiful places on the property. It is also an incredible advertising tool for featuring the values of your surroundings. Lastly, it allows you to show your group, which is wonderful for HR and increases your believability.

Wrapping up

These are the top ways that will help you to give growth in your online visibility. The more people will see you on the internet, the more will take your services. But, you are not good at SEO for hotels websites, then you can not show your website on the top of the list while searching for the best hotels on the internet. So, you must have complete knowledge of SEO for hotels’ websites. You can click here to get the best SEO services for a hotel website.

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