Common Pool Problems and How To Prevent Them

If you are a pool owner, then you have likely experienced a problem at one point or another. The majority of pool problems will result from faulty pool equipment that involves the pump, filter, chemicals, vacuum, and skimmer. When issues arise from these, several problems could result if they are not quickly prevented as best as possible. Below are the most common pool problems and how to prevent them.

The Pool Water Has Turned Green

If you have ever experienced your home pool’s water turning green, then it means algae has taken over your pool. This green alga is likely the result of you skipping chlorine testing, which has resulted in a low level of chlorine that is unable to keep algae at bay.

The good thing though is that the algae growth can be prevented in the future after you have confirmed it. In order to get rid of the algae, you will need to have your pool shocked. After pool shocking, you will need to do a thorough cleaning of the pool in order to have a clean pool again. Your pool will need to remain unusable while this process is underway.

The Pool Filter Is Dirty

You need to check your pool filter constantly in order for it to remain clean. If the filter remains dirty for a long period of time, then it will no longer function effectively. When the pool is used regularly you can expect the filter to be dirty faster.

When the dirty filter is caused by pollen or flower blossoms, then you will see a dirty filter. Having high winds constantly will also cause dirt and leaves to drop into the pool water. All of these causes could easily be prevented by keeping your filter clean.

The Vinyl Liner Leaks

When you begin to notice a lower water level that is not due to evaporation, then you will need to know how to prevent it. You will need to find the leak first, so check around for any needed pool equipment repairs. When the piping is not the issue, then you need to have the vinyl liner checked.

Once you have found that the liner is the issue, you will either need to replace or patch the liner. Your liner will need to be replaced if it hasn’t been replaced in the last ten years. If the liner is only a couple of years old, then just a patch will work. When a patch is placed, it could last for a few years. However, the location of the tear may play a huge part in whether it is better to replace or patch the liner.

A Buildup Of Calcium

When a noticeable amount of calcium has built up, there could be a couple of things taking place. First, there could be calcium silicate or calcium carbonate present. When calcium carbonate is present, you will see your pool full of white flakes. If the flakes are grayish-white then they will be silicate.

When it is a silicate, it will be coming from the pool’s foundation and while it will take a longer amount of time to develop, it means it has been an ongoing issue.

Removing carbonate and silicate is simple and only requires some scrubbing and the use of a calcium remover or a pumice stone.

PH Level Is Either Too Low or Too High

When your pool’s pH is unbalanced, there could be many problems resulting. When the pH is too low, the pool’s stone, tiling, concrete, and grout could begin to erode. When the pH level is too high, it will be similar to alkaline and can cause bacteria to form in the water. This bacteria can irritate the skin and eyes. In order to prevent a pH imbalance, you need to continuously test your pool and ensure that it remains balanced through the use of chemicals.


In order to completely enjoy your pool, you need to be able to recognize the common pool problems above so that they can be prevented. Once you have recognized an issue, you will be able to find out the best methods to help prevent them from occurring again in the future.

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