5 Gas Water Heater Maintenance Tips You Should Know

Gas water heaters never got out of fashion. It is still widely used and appreciated by a lot of homeowners. Since a water heater is an essential appliance there are but a few things as bad as not finding hot water in the morning. By following these tips you can increase the lifespan of your water heater but most importantly you will minimize the chances of unexpected breakdowns.

Switch off the power and gather everything you need

Before you try to undertake any sort of gas water heater maintenance, know about the model. You’re going to be working with gas, really hot water, plus steam. A hot water burn is quite terrible, so be sure you take the necessary measures.

Read the directions on the tank to switch off the gas. You’ll like to find the shut-off valve, the pressure-relief valve, and the water drain.

You won’t need a ton of stuff – just a hose, a bucket, and some safety gloves. Have all the necessary items at hand to avoid delays and time wastage.

Test your T&P valve

The pressure release valve is a highly critical safety element. It stops your tank from bursting if pressure rises within it. When pressure rises, the valves must open automatically to release water and alleviate the pressure.

To avoid damaging the water heater’s electrical panel, or other critical equipment, or water heater itself, water should exit the discharge pipe and fall down into the floor.

Test the valve at least once every 12 months. It’s simple to do! Just place a bucket underneath the discharge pipe and pull the lever. If water is coming out, you’re completely good. But, if no water is coming out and there are valve leaks,  replace it. While you may be capable of completing this yourself, it’s generally a good idea to bring in an expert to take better care of it for you.

Inspect the anode rod

The anode rod is a vital feature of your water tank. It draws corrosive ions so that they stick to the rods instead of to the tank. You must change this rod every 60 months to prolong the lifespan of the gas water heater. Whether the tank is a few years old or the rod is completely new, it’s a good idea to examine it and determine if it needs to be replaced with a water heater.

Start by cutting off the gas and the cutoff valve and opening the hot water faucet to drain a few gallons of water. You may need to consult your owner’s guide to figure out where the rod is.

Flush the tank out

Flushing the tank regularly ought to be a part of your yearly water heater maintenance routine. Mineral sediments are prevented from accumulating as a result of this action. Without this procedure, your tank might start to corrode from within.

Start by cutting off the cold water to the tank. After that, turn on the hot water faucet and relieve the pressure built up in the system. Use a hose and a bucket to remove the water from the tank.  Look out for the sediments. If there is more than usual you should drain it all away.

Next, switch on the cold water. They let it go until the water flowing out of the tank is crystal clear. Sediments are the worst enemy of your water heater.

The water coming from your tank should be clear, but if it’s rusty or brown, it’s probably time to replace the water heater.

Run a thorough inspection

The final phase of your regular maintenance is to carefully go over the complete system. This is one of the easiest methods to identify indicators of damage or normal wear and tear that suggest it’s time to replace and buy a new one.

If you observe water gathering around the base or there are weird noises, like gurgling or hissing, coming from within the heater, there’s a significant possibility that you need expert repair.

Finding this out early, instead of when it ultimately fails, will put you in command and limit the odds of you experiencing more serious damage to your property.

You can maintain and repair your gas water heater to a certain extent but you cannot do it all alone. Contact them if you see anything odd with your water heaters.

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