5 Ways to Make Managing Student Loan Debt Easier

Freshly graduated, many workers struggle under the weight of their student loans. Decades of encouragement made college the default path for most of today’s youth. But, skyrocketing tuition hasn’t made it any easier to afford higher Education. Here are a couple of tips to help lighten your student loan burden.

1. Figure Out How Much Is Owed in Total

As with any debt, the first step is always calculating the damage. Start by figuring out how much is owed and who it is owed to. Sometimes, students manage to escape college without taking out any private loans. However, for many of them, private loans have become inescapable.

Don’t forget to look at both federal and private loans while calculating debt totals. Also, pay close attention to which ones have the most punitive interest rates. Those will come into focus in a few steps.

We’d suggest listing everything in a spreadsheet and storing it on the computer. That’s usually not too hard to find if you’re going back to it for a quick refresher.

2. Research Consolidation Options

If you’ve taken out several, keeping track of them can be cumbersome. That’s why consolidation has been such a great option for many borrowers. By consolidating multiple loans, they’re bunched together into one debt. Then, you won’t have as much to manage whenever repaying them anymore.

With the right offer, it’s possible to lower the effective APR by consolidating. Speaking to a specialist would be a good idea if you’re interested in loan consolidation. They’d be able to tell you whether it’s an option for your circumstances, too.

3. Speak to a Debt Consultation Specialist

After seeing how much debt there is in total, it’s time to speak with a specialist. Bromwich and Smith in Calgary is a good option, if you live in Canada, especially for student loan debt. Or search in your area for debt consultation specialists. They’ve helped tons of students struggling to manage their payments already. So, their experience ought to soothe any anxiety you’re feeling.

Plus, you can ask them about other options concerning your debts. As debt consultation specialists, they’ll know how to respond to them effectively. By following the advice given to you by them, debt won’t stay problematic long.

It would be smart to rank all your debts prior to calling a specialist. Once they’re on the phone, you’ll need to give them some info. Otherwise, they won’t be able to help you without knowing more first.

4. Pay Down High-Interest Loans First

Not everyone has the luxury of discharging loans after a few years of public service. For everyone else, repaying them has to be done the old-fashioned way. Most specialists recommend starting by repaying the ones with the highest interest rates.

If left alone, they’ll accrue the most interest, increasing repayment totals. Paying them down first can reduce how long it’ll take to get rid of everything. On top of increasing the total, neglecting them can also extend the length of repayments. Since they’ll gain more interest, it will take longer to pay them down entirely.

5. Send Extra Each Month to Apply Toward Principal

Hopefully, you paid attention when accepting them, enough to notice any sneaky terms. If not, read them again to see if anything restricts early repayment. Most student loans won’t stop you from sending more than the minimum when making payments. However, certain companies have clauses against early payoffs, gating them with excessive fees.

If yours doesn’t have any restrictive clauses, sending more is a great idea. Anything over the minimum usually applies directly to the loan’s principal. By sending more than the minimum, it’s possible to greatly reduce the total amount repaid. Also, you can repay them much faster by paying more toward the principal.

How to Lessen the Burdensome Load of Student Loans

By our measure, student loan debt might be the greatest problem facing today’s youth. Its absolutely mind-blowing proportions are hard for most to fathom. However, we’ve seen figures suggesting student loan debt has outgrown auto debt. That will be quite the feat if it has grown larger than it. Either way, it’s an unexpected problem that’s not disappearing. So, learning how to manage them is the best solution.

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