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Things to remember before contracting for glazed windows

Do you wish to install new windows? Are you considering double glazed windows but don’t know how to choose a contractor? When it comes to choosing a contractor to buy a double glazed window, there are several things you should consider before making a decision. The first thing that comes to mind is whether the company has qualified and trained staff members who can do their job right. Another important issue is how much experience they have in installing windows. There are also other factors, such as the warranty period offered by the manufacturer of your windows and what kind of after-sales service will be provided if required at any point during or after installation.

So let’s take each factor and discuss them separately.

Check with the local council

It’s important to check with your local council about any requirements for glazed windows, such as fire and building regulations. If you live in a high-rise building or commercial property, these requirements may be stricter than those of an independent house. They can also change from year to year.

Australian Standard Requirements

In Australia, the Building Code of Australia (BCA) sets out the regulations on which materials can be used for building construction. The BCA states that any windows manufactured after July 1999 must comply with AS1288-1991 and be labelled with a CE Mark showing that they adhere to European Union standards for safety glass. If your existing windows were made before 1999, then it is likely they do not comply with this requirement and need replacing.

Ensure that your windows are lead-free

Lead in paint was banned from being used on toys or building materials in 1978 due to its high toxicity. However, as old houses containing lead paint still exist today, it is still essential that all glazing used inside these homes has been produced using lead-free paint formulations or specialised treatments such as UV stabilisation which repel watermarking caused by condensation on window panes.

Hire an inspector

A good inspector will help you make the right choice to buy double glazed windows and glazing materials. They can also be handy to have around when it comes time for installation, as they can inspect the work once it’s done and look out for any issues that need addressing before they become big problems down the line. Learn more about News

Double-check your insurance policies before making a decision

It’s important to know if your home, business, or rental property is insured against damage done by the contractor who installed your new glazed windows.

You may also want to know if your homeowner’s policy covers any injury that might occur while workers install the window panes and sashes in your home.

Be an enlightened customer

Before signing any contract, it’s essential to know what is covered by the warranty, guarantee and after-sales service.

The warranty is a promise from the manufacturer apk that if your window does not perform as expected or breaks down within a specific period, they will repair or replace the product for free. The guarantee is similar, except it may exclude certain situations or conditions detailed in your contract. After-sales service means how quickly they will respond should something go wrong with your windows after installation and provides no guarantees against future problems occurring again later.


You must know all the things that can go wrong with your new windows. This article has tried to help you understand just some of the issues. You don’t want to live in a home where there are no safety measures in place. Hire an expert who knows how to install windows that meet all required regulations.

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