Silicon Valley Job Cuts Offer A Huge Windfall For Ford And General Motors

Automakers are ambitious to become high-tech firms, and the retrenchment of tech-savvy workers in Silicon Valley fulfills their dreams. General Motors intends to design and install new computers on new vehicles. It is a huge benefit for auto lovers because they will enjoy feature-rich vehicles in the future. The automakers plan to hire the talent retrenched by top tech companies such as Meta, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. 

Slower growth and economic uncertainties forced the tech giants to remove highly talented people. According to the most recent BNN News, approximately 70,000 people lost their lucrative jobs in a single year. Ford Motor Co. and General Motors can attract tech talent to Detroit with huge pay offers. It allows tech talent to try their hands in Motor City. 

A senior equity analyst and Managing Director, Dan Ives, said an engineer or software developer was not showing an interest in the call from General Motors two years ago. Wedbush Securities analysts stated that they are currently responding to a call from the automakers. General Motors bets big on the future of electric vehicles. 

Hires EV development talent

In a press release to Detroit, General Motors said it is looking for tech talent available in Silicon Valley. Maria Raynal, a spokeswoman for General Motors, said the company is trying to hire talent, even though it is not a high growth year. It will increase talent in software development, electric vehicle development, and vehicle definition. Innovative software is necessary for operating defined vehicles.

Ford decided to hire talent with knowledge of software development

Jim Farley, CEO of Ford Motor, said the company has been actively recruiting different talent since 2022 compared to traditional hiring. The company poached Apple’s  Jennifer Waldo in 2022 to head its HR department. It intends to use her experience and organizational skills in hiring for high-tech positions. In an email to US News Websites, Marisa Bradley, a spokeswoman for Ford, said the company has opportunities for people with experience and deep knowledge in software development. 

Openings for tech talent at General Motors

Raynal of General Motors said the company will hire people with experience and talent in developing software for defined vehicles and their operation. In the earlier job hiring spree, the company focused on recruiting people with experience in the vehicle’s hardware. The auto industry is now moving towards autonomous and electric vehicles that need software development for app updates and creative technology. The talent should also have experience implementing software updates on the fly. Raynal said most of its openings in the recent period were in this area.

According to Ives, an analyst, one or two people out of every 10 retrenched will find a job in transformational industries such as automakers engaged in the manufacture of electric vehicles. Automakers are facing a shortage of talent in high technology for autonomous and electric vehicle development. Ives also said General Motors is aggressively hiring software developers and engineers to cater to its demand in the EV business.

The career website of General Motors currently displays openings for 479 engineers in locations including Michigan and across the world. It has 367 openings for software. Aspirants can find 397 jobs for EV development at this automaker. 

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