How to Make Customers Remember You

What makes a good impression? How does a good impression impact your business? The first interaction you have with your customers, whether in person or through your products, forms a weighty opinion and indelible impression about your brand. People remember their first encounter with a product, service, or person, especially if it is either highly positive or negative.

Thoughtful Approach

Create interest and excitement by making a great first impression by dressing up your products with professional, unique packaging. This kind of foundation sets the tone for who you are as a brand in a sea of different faces. People do judge based on visuals, and that is a strong factor that comes into play, especially with brands.

If the customer comes to your physical store, a friendly greeting is a simple way to give them a positive first impression. Remember that your body language, tone of voice, posture, and eye contact are in sync with your vocal approach. This will give them confidence that their visit is significant to you.

Be confident and maintain eye contact whenever you are talking to them. As you welcome the customer, always smile.

Participate and Pay Attention

Greeting your customer only for you to go quiet suddenly will create a weird atmosphere, which may make them uncomfortable. Therefore, it is critical to keep the conversation going as this will help you learn more about their visit. A new customer may have just dropped by to get a peek, browse through the store shelves, or make a purchase.

Ask how you can help them, whether you can help them find the item they need, or if they have any questions. Once you determine what they want, you can give them a better experience.

It is just as crucial to read your customers’ nonverbal signals as it is to ask them questions. Some customers will just want to look around without anyone following them around, while some will actively converse and ask questions. Be keen to read the unspoken signals to avoid pissing them off.

Suggest and Give Input

If a customer shows interest in getting assistance, take the chance to tell them about your products and offers.

Tell them about your new products, end-of-year annual sales, seasonal giveaways, etc., and who knows, they could make a purchase even if they just came to look around.

Finish Strong

Giving your customers satisfactory service is not done until they leave your store. Now that you have helped the customer choose the most suitable product or service for them, finalize the transaction and bid them a warm goodbye.

Even if they are not ready to commit, your last words to them may give them a reason to return. Tell them about upcoming offers such as flash sales. If they get discounts on the items they buy on their first purchase or Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) offers, the chances are that they will come back.

Please encourage them to sign up for your email newsletter for a chance to win free items as a unique method to get them to come back. Keep in mind that you should make it worthwhile for them without going above and beyond your means. Remember to give them your customized business card so they can give it to a loved one and where there is your contact information.

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