Benefits Of Embedding Facebook Feed on Squarespace Website

Facebook is the most popular social media platform. It holds a special place in brands’ Social media marketing strategies as it helps them to gain more audiences and provide constant help and support. The  introduction of Facebook Ads was one such measure by Facebook to helps businesses

But unfortunately, Facebook Ads were a little too expensive for small-scale and medium-scale businesses. Marketers were quick to find new solutions that benefit their brand and are cost-effective. And they finally found the strategy that fulfills all the above needs, and that is to embed Facebook feed on website

In this era of the internet, people and businesses have a heavy dependence on social media and have accepted it as part of their lives. It has become so powerful that it can make or break a brand. Facebook is the social media king and greatly influences peoples’ minds as people often read about the brand on social media. With such impact, it is impossible to ignore Facebook as part of the social media strategy, and hence my brands are now actively opting to embed Facebook feed on Squarespace website. Do you want to know why? Here are the reasons.

Benefits Of Adding Facebook Feed On Squarespace Website

Enhances your Social media presence

As mentioned above, social media is now part of the daily routine for many people. And even brands use social media platforms to interact with their customers.

In this era of social media, you must have a good number of followers and great engagement on your posts. Then, as nowadays, social media pages have become used to measure a brands’ reputation.

Facebook still leads the race as the most popular social media platform, it becomes important for you to gather more audience on your Facebook page and increase your followers.

As you grow on Facebook, you will have ample opportunities to grow your customer base and great features that will help you interact with your followers and know more about market trends.

You can embed Facebook feed on Squarespace website showcasing content related to your business; you can also use it to display the feed from your page. If the visitor likes your content, he will follow your page directly from the website as it creates a link between your website and your Facebook account. It will help you gather more followers and users to get a sneak into your Facebook account.

Makes your website engaging and interactive

A website plays a vital role in creating a good impression on users’ minds. In today’s world, when people are shifting towards online shopping, your website can influence them to buy from your brand.

Most Facebook content consists of images, videos, reviews, etc. all these contents attract the visitors’ attention, and they can scroll through the feed to read or watch more content. Also, as mentioned above, by adding Facebook feeds related to your businesses, you can even educate your visitor about your brand and product and make the website engaging.

Adds vibrancy to your website

Facebook is a hub of varied content; it allows its user to post visually related content such as images, videos, GIFs, and even written and text content.

This vibrancy helps you, as with feed you can display them beautifully on your website. In addition, the variation of the text and different visual content makes your website pleasing and vibrant.

Also, many tools that help you in this embedding process also offer you the option to customize the widget as well; you can change the layout, customize the background, change the font style, font size, color etc. and add charm to your website.

Provides social proof

While using the embedding tool you can gather the posts from Facebook; you can provide instructions where the tool will fetch all the content with your brand’s mention or tag.

Facebook provides the feature where users can tag or mention the brand in their posts. The tool will import all these contents to your website.

People often click the picture with the product, upload it on Facebook, or even use it to provide their feedback on the brand.

You can show these images and posts to your visitor and provide social proof to them. A potential customer will always look for reviews and social proof before purchasing the product.

Helps to build trust

Trust is the essence of a business. A customer will not buy from a brand that is not trustable. Hence, it becomes important for you to win your potential customer’s trust.

As mentioned above, social proof can do wonders for your business, and a Facebook feed provides a good range of social proof to your customers. For example, you can display happy faces and positive responses to your visitor. Such happy customers and good responses help you win your visitors’ trust, converting them into customers.

People often use Facebook to write reviews about a product or even share their experiences with a brand. The Facebook widget helps you display all these reviews, feedback, testimonials, and opinions on your website. It will help you build trust with your potential customer, which will also help you make a strong bond with your customers.

Customers feel respected when a brand considers their opinion or showcases their reviews on the website. The acknowledgment of public opinion also helps your brand in enhancing brand reputation.

Summing It Up

Adding Facebook feed on Squarespace website is an efficient and cost-effective way that helps you to achieve more sales and helps your business to strengthen its social media presence. Facebook is an impactful platform and always supports the businesses present on the platform. There are various tools currently available in the market that help in compiling, customizing, curating, and displaying Facebook feeds. These tools are easily available on the internet and you can operate them with ease. So what are you waiting for? Find these tools now and embed Facebook feed on Squarespace website and enjoy the amazing benefits.

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