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Do you know Ford is all set to use ultrasonic horns to prevent car accidents

Ford is planning to use ultrasonic horns in its cars in order to prevent accidents.

The ultrasonic horn is just one of many new safety features that Ford is planning to introduce in its cars over the next few years. The company is also developing an automated steering system that will take control of the car’s steering wheel during heavy traffic jams.

The ultrasonic horn will create a “virtual barrier” around the car, which will warn pedestrians and cyclists of the car’s presence. The horn will produce a sound that is too high-pitched for humans to hear, but will be audible to animals.

The ultrasonic horn is the latest development in Ford’s “Active City Stop” system. Active City Stop is a system that prevent crash or accidetn by using sensors that alert the car. These sensors are able to detect obstacles whenever a car is in front of the car. In case it is found that a collision is close by, this sensor system will turn the brake active and engine power will be reduced.

Active City Stop has been available on Ford cars to provide ultrasonic horn as an option on select Ford models. Ford has so far not confirmed or released any statement in the market regarding the cost of the car model with the ultrasonic horn sensor system. However, this is anyways going to be an expensive investment thant any other options available in the market.

The ultrasonic horn will be available in Europe and North America first, with other regions to follow later. Ford has yet to confirm if the said system will be made available sooner in Australia or any other parts of the world.

So far, there have been no accidents reported involving Ford cars fitted with the Active City Stop system. However, Ford plans to use data from real-world accidents to further improve the system’s safety features. Its “internal radar technology” uses sensors in order to scan the road for obstacles in front of the car, which will then be displayed on the windscreen.

According to Ford, these new safety features are just one part of a major initiative that aims to reduce deaths and serious injuries in its vehicles by 2020. The company wants all accidents involving its cars worldwide to be completely avoided in future, unless they are deemed unavoidable due to extenuating circumstances such as weather conditions or animal-related incidents, such as when a deer runs into the road. 

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