Come and get lost into Tokyo – The largest metropolis in the world

Tokyo, formerly known as Edo in the 20th century, has a population of over 20 million, is known to be the largest metropolis in the world as well as Anime. Museums, national parks, gardens, you can visit most of the city’s tourist attractions in the world

Discovering Big Sushi used to be a stunning experience, but it also can destroy your financial planning. Don’t despair – there are tons of things to see and do in Tokyo that don’t cost a single yen. From gardens and temples to modern art, sumo practice, and the world-famous fish market, you can experience some of the best in Tokyo for free. The city of Tokyo has a lot to offer to its travelers. So, don’t think muchif you are looking to go there? Just visit the all nippon airways official website and get your flight ticket online & hassle-free. Also, save up to 40% off on one-way & round trip on every flight.

Here is a list of the best places to see & things to do Tokyo.

Spend time on Matsuri

Matsuri in Japanese simply means “festival” and the Japanese are very festive indeed. You can find a festival in some part of Tokyo virtually every weekend, from the famous Gion Matsuri on consecutive July weekends to Kandy, the May holiday where the Kanda Myojin Temple is paraded all over the city. These festivals are absolute eye candy for photography enthusiasts and history and culture buffs as they often feature and honor scenes of authentic, historic Japanese tradition.

The Royal Palace 

The residence of the Emperor of Japan, the Royal Palace is the site of many pre-existing palaces that date far back into Japanese history. However, this vast, beautiful area is not only for emperors and royalty – it is also great for tourists. In the Imperial Palace, you can, among other things, stroll through the Eastern Gardens, which are surrounded by the ruins of Edo Castle, and are also the site of many administrative buildings.

Get off high up on the observation deck

Look for the city 202 meters above the ground from the observation deck of the Tokyo Metropolitan Building – on a clear day you can get a glimpse of Mt Fuji. Come at dusk to catch the spectacular sunsets and the city will fall into neon action.

Play with the technology of tomorrow

You don’t have to resort to industrial espionage: in the Toyota Mega Web public showroom, you can test prototypes of the Winglant drive – a Segway-type mobile vehicle. And finally in the sewerage system, check out Toto, the maker of the “Washlet” automatic toilet/bidet.

Watch your sumo practice

Even if you can’t do a sumo tournament, you will be able to see sumo wrestlers’ training drills in sumo ‘stable’, for example, the Arashio Stable, where guests watch their morning practice session ( asa-keiko ) through the windows in the street.

Attend the festival

Almost every week there is a matsuri (festival) in someplace in Tokyo – from watching cherries to walking around a fire and grand parades of costumed participants holding up mikoshi (portable shrines). Detailed information on upcoming events can be found at

A tour of a political junkie

Art and anime aren’t your things? How about a free tour of Japan’s government headquarters, the National Diet, to see paneled, leather-framed, and gilded interiors and gardens planted with species from all over the country.

Have fun karting in Tokyo

Each travel destination has something special about it. Something that sets it apart from all other places. Perhaps a hidden attraction, perhaps something related to her culture, maybe something as simple as Japan. What does that mean, you ask? Well, it’s Japan! Hiking, biking, lots of adventures that you may have been on before, but tell me, traveler, have you ever gone karting? You keep smiling while people wave at you, cheating on you, and you go full speed cosplaying your favorite characters and having the best time of your life!

Visit the TeamLab Borderless Digital Art Museum

How did you usually spend your time in museums? Do you remember those walks led by guides who take you from one exhibition to another, telling their full story, background, and perhaps the little context for which you are to admire it? This is not that place. The Digital Art Museum of Teamlab Borderless is a gallery of exceptionally creative shows, both projections and lights/storytelling, situations created in such a way that you can experience art as if you were part of it.

Checkout at the Robot restaurant

For some, Japan may be a bit too big, because while there are attractions as popular as anywhere, there may also be sights that you have never had a chance to see. One of such attractions is the robot restaurant. Perhaps the most important feature of a robot restaurant is that it is not a place filled with robots, nor is it a restaurant. This is a term especially given due to the intense neon-filled atmosphere, previously unseen robots, extreme art, and perhaps the coolest place on earth for some.


Tokyo, like everywhere else, can be had without emptying your wallet. In fact, some of the most beautiful and enjoyable things to see can be experienced without even opening them. Now you know the best things to do in Tokyo. So stop thinking too much and plan a trip to Japan with and customize your travel itinerary itself for your next vacation!

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