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A Guide for a First Time Cat Owner in 2023

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If you have decided to own a cat, then you might be thinking about the experience of having a new partner in your house. If you are a new cat owner, prepare yourself for some surprises because cats usually have strange behavior, which is normal. You may also be wondering about the various ways of taking care of your new pet. You will notice that cats behave in various ways, such as independent, curious, fun, intelligent, playful, loving, and in most cases, highly entertaining. Cats have low maintenance and are simple to take care of, so here is a guide for a first-time cat owner in 2023.

●    Things to Consider Before Owning a Cat

Cats are the most common pets globally. However, it is significant to determine whether a cat is suitable for your house. It means informing your family to ensure whether every individual agrees to it and if you have the budget, time, and adequate space to provide a quality life for your new friend. Unfortunately, if you are worried about cat allergies, a hypo-allergic cat does not exist. However, certain cat breeds cause minimal allergic reactions in most individuals. You can also minimize your allergic reaction in various ways.

●    Preparing Your Household For a Cat

You need to take care of certain things before bringing a cat into your home to ensure their safety and comfort in their new home. You should also kitten-proof your house because cats love to hide in different places in your home. Therefore, it should not surprise you if you have never owned a cat before. To ensure that your cat can comfortably play around your house and have fun without stressing you up, then you should perform a serious cat-proofing exercise before bringing them home. Remove any dangerous items from the cat’s reach and close any insecure places or hook where it will be challenging to get your cat.

●    Training and Tips

Rub some catnip on your cat’s scratching post, and take your cat to it. Place your kitten’s paws on it and scratch it the same way your cat would do it. It will teach your cat how to scratch it on its own. You should also understand that every cat’s behavior varies on every type of litter box- therefore, you should train your cat a few times using scent-free litters containing odor-inhibiting technology. You should also empty the litter box daily using a scoop and change it weekly. Acquire catnip plants or cut grass if you own indoor plants since cats usually eat plants. You should also train your new friend if you do not want them to sleep in your bed or furniture. Finally, give your cat adequate time to adjust to their new home as some may take longer than others. Allow them to move around the house while monitoring them in the first days, eventually enabling them to move freely without supervision. Talk to your veterinarian in case of any health concerns affecting your cat. It would help if you also got cat insurance for your new companion to ensure that they live a quality life and minimize hospital charges in the future.

●    Getting the Supplies that Your Cat Will Require

Before bringing your new cat home, ensure that you get all the items they need to make their stay in your home comfortable. Choose a specific cat food brand and buy an adequate supply to feed them for some weeks. You should also acquire a cozy bed and a sturdy scratching post, enabling your new pet to live comfortably and prevent them from scratching your furniture and rugs. However, it is significant to cover your valuable items until you correctly understand their behavior. It would be best to get toys for your new pet because they are a significant way of bonding with them. Having a regular litter box routine is also crucial in keeping your house clean. Other cat supplies include cat carrier, food bowl, collar, harness and leash, brush, and shampoo.

Bringing a cat into your house can be life-changing and exciting for you and your new pet. Therefore, you need to prepare adequate information before bringing them home. The more informed you are, the sooner you get used to your new cat. You will also give your new pet quality life making their stay in your home worthwhile.

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