A Complete Guide to Cracked Tooth

Chewing on hard food can result in a cracked tooth. Multiple ways can give you a cracked tooth, such as grinding teeth at night, or age can be a factor that contributes to a cracked tooth. The tooth is a factor that contributes to building confidence, especially when we smile.

Causes of the Cracked Tooth 

Experts from altamash dental hospital shared some causes of the cracked tooth that you must know:

When there is pressure from teeth grinding

Due to the large fillings that weaken the tooth integrity

Biting on hard food, such as nuts, hard candies, ice, etc.

Sporting injury, car accident, or fistfight can be the reason for the cracked tooth

When there are abrupt changes in the mouth, for example eating too cold after drinking a hot beverage

People over 50 are more likely to have cracked teeth

Types of Cracked Teeth You Need To Know

Fractured cusp:

It occurs when there is extra filling around your dental. It affects the outside but not the pulp of the tooth. It is not painful.

Split tooth:

It occurs from the surface of the tooth to the below gum line. You can find it separated into two segments. A split tooth can result in tooth loss, but your doctor can help you in saving its safe portion.

Vertical Root Fracture:

It occurs below the gum line and travels upward. Vertical root fracture does not show any sign and pain unless the tooth becomes infected. Tooth extraction is its possible treatment.

Craze Lines:

When there are small cracks in the enamel of teeth. There is no pain caused in its result, and no treatment is required.

Cracks that extend into the gum line:

Vertical crack often extends to it but does not reach the gum line. In case of extending into the gum line, then your teeth need to be extracted.

What Are The Signs Of The Cracked Tooth?

There are no such symptoms of the cracked tooth, but you can notice if it shows:

Rarely continuous pain that comes and goes

Cold and heat sensitivity

Feeling pain while chewing or biting on food.

Gum swelling around the affected tooth

How to Diagnose the Cracked Tooth 

When I had a cracked tooth, my dentist went with an X-ray. There are some other ways to diagnose a cracked tooth:

A visual examination is done using a magnifying lens to check tiny cracks.

Doctor asks about your dental history whether you chew on hard foods or teeth grinding.

Dental explorers help in feeling the crack.

A dental dye is used to make the crack stand out.

Doctor asks you to bite down on something.

Treatment for the Cracked Tooth 

Cracked teeth says about the treatment and different factors include, such as location, symptoms, and the crack that extends to the gum line.

Root Canal 

Sometimes, the cracked tooth extends into the pulp. In this condition, your dentist will suggest you get root canal treatment. Root canal involves the removal of the damaged pulp to restore some integrity to the tooth. It will protect your teeth from any infection or further weakening.


A dental crown is a prosthetic device that is designed to fit over the damaged tooth and caps it. Dentists begin with the first step which involves shaving off enamel from your tooth to make room for a crown in your mouth. It involves the impression of your tooth, and you need to choose the colour that fits the colour of your teeth. The doctor will send the impression of the tooth to the dental lab to get the crown ready.

Cement will be used to fix the crown over your cracked tooth. Now, there is advanced technology available that allows dentists to mill a porcelain crown right in the clinic. If the crown is placed with proper care, it can be crowned for a lifetime.


In case of severe damage to nerves, teeth health, and roots, tooth extraction will be the last treatment that your doctor will suggest to you.

Final Thought 

A cracked tooth can be repaired, but there will not be a 100% chance of a complete healing process. Your mouth may be sore after the treatment or feel pain for a few days.

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