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9 Web Design Trends You Need on Your Website in 2023

In less than five years, we’ll be well into the 2020s. In fact, we’re probably already halfway through 2022 at this point (though I won’t tell anyone if you think it’s still 2021). As with any decade, the 2020s will bring some new design trends to web design that you need to know about in order to compete. So what are these trends and how can you incorporate them into your web development company ? Here are 9 web design trends you need on your website in 2022 to help you stand out from the crowd as we get closer to 2023.

The art of choosing one statement piece

Though your site doesn’t need a complete redesign, it can use some freshening up. If you want to revamp your site’s design, consider adding one statement piece. This doesn’t mean that you should go big or go home, but rather choose a single key element (for example, a large image or colored background) and build your brand around it.

Top values for big impact

content, user experience and security. Content is still king – but don’t forget to make it relevant. Make sure that you bring your users along on a journey of discovery (and learning) as they traverse your website – just like a good book or movie brings its audience through an adventure.

Mid-range solutions for a big house

While big houses can be great, they usually come with big price tags. Depending on your needs, you might prefer a smaller house that uses mid-range materials. Mid-range materials are a great way to save money while staying within your budget and liking what you see in person—just make sure that the quality is still good enough for your needs! The most popular mid-range material options for houses include

More affordable living rooms that work for smaller spaces or budgets

The new trend is for less expensive furniture that looks and feels like real, high-end furniture. This means choosing products with a neutral base color, small scale and low profile. In fact, if you have an apartment of smaller than 1,000 square feet, it’s probably wise to look at all small space living room sets rather than just regular sets. Furniture made specifically for small spaces typically has a lighter base color and usually comes with slimmer silhouettes as well.

Long Shadow Slider

There’s something irresistibly bold about a long shadow slider. A great technique for adding depth to your site, it can be used in various ways. It can highlight your call-to-action buttons or even just add a bit of flair to elements on your site. The long shadow is here to stay and will remain a common design trend for many years to come.

Diverse Headings

No matter what your site’s content is about, it should have a diverse headings structure. More specifically, it needs a headline and at least 4 subheadings. This allows both search engines and readers to easily navigate through your content. Subheadings are often displayed as clickable links too so don’t forget to link them to other relevant parts of your website or a different page entirely! They really help break up walls of text and create visually appealing section dividers.

Large Post Images That Work On Any Device

Gone are the days when every one of your web design assets were pixel-perfect and worked only on high-resolution screens. Today, with responsive design techniques, we’re dealing with an entirely different scenario where our images will be displayed on any kind of device with a unique resolution and display. As a result, today it’s more important than ever to serve high-quality images that aren’t just optimized for certain screen sizes but can also adapt to dynamic dimensions.

Bigger Blog Title Fonts, But Not Huge. Also, Colorful Background Colors

It’s common for big brands to have titles that are larger than body text but not huge. They also tend to use a colorful background color behind their logo or photos. At Weebly, we apply those same principles by making our titles larger than body text, and adding one color to your background.

Minimalistic Footer Elements

The footer can sometimes get lost in cluttered websites, so keep things clean and clear by creating a simple, easy-to-read footer. This trend is best implemented with text-based links only, as opposed to images or iconography. Also be sure to display all of your website’s important contact information here. Without proper phone numbers and email addresses your site visitors won’t know how to reach you if they need help!

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