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8 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like an Outdoor Oasis

Inviting the great outdoors into the comfort of our homes may seem like a daunting task at first. In reality combining Mother Nature with modern interior designs is a piece of cake. As it turns out, such a design comes naturally, for lack of a better word, and you can combine the best of both worlds. Being in touch with nature while keeping the standards of our modern way of living is achievable by taking cues and available lessons all around us. So, open your doors and let all that natural energy flow inside! In no time, you will feel like you are in a tranquil oasis of peace while relaxing on your couch and drinking wine.

1. Let the light shine!

An oasis of peace is under the Sun, soaking in all that energy and converting it to comfort. Natural sunlight is healthy, energising and free. An open room design with plenty of windows allows the Sun to shine thru, and break any stale, boring, and old darkness lurking around. We, humans, are connected to Mother Nature more than we think, and by incorporating some basic principles, like light, into our home, we can make a drastic difference.

Natural light will save you some cash on the electricity bill, but it will do wonders for your design, and you can use light therapy. If your home is facing the east, you can incorporate sunrise and the morning light into any of your room’s designs. As long as the light shines bright, you don’t need to turn on the electric lights or worry about vitamin D.

2. Allow for Airflow

The next element of any natural oasis is air. Tall ceilings, open room, clean and quality air vents and large windows. Windows play a two-part role in your interior design as they allow for both natural sunlight and natural ventilation to enter your rooms. The unobstructed design will let both you and your room breathe (we will talk a bit about minimalism later). When you enter any room, you should feel relaxed, invigorated and free to roam, following the natural flow of the room, its feng shui, and when you achieve such a feat, you will wonder how you’ve ever could live without it. Too much clutter, enclosed space and lack of room are all suffocating your future design and you. Oasis has room to breathe in abundance, so going for the same look indoors requires some adapting, but the results are well worth it.

3. Plant all the plants!

What oasis is complete without its greenery? Once you’ve allowed the Sun and air into your living space, it’s time to add some green colours to the mix. Plants enrich any space they occupy as they are heralds of nature. You can follow the change of the seasons via them and use beautiful and exotic seasonal flowers in your living space. Lush colours of all types can blend with your furniture, so you don’t have to redesign your interior. Plants come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from any shade on the colour palette and thus offer unmatched choices and versatility. For starters, we recommend going with low-maintenance plants before you get the hang of it. Keep in mind, plants need care and attention just like we do.

4. Colours of the oasis

Sunlight is depicted as yellow, white and orange in all shades, and the air is white and blue. Plants come in anything you can dream of, but the takeaway from this segment is that colours affect your mental condition, so you should pick them with great care. Some universal colours of an oasis are blue, green, yellow and similar colours that go with them. Putting them all together is a trial-and-error process. Experiment, combine the unusual and what best suits your standards. Creating a heavenly oasis is not hard science, but more of a feeling what “clicks” for you in particular.

When your room has natural colours and wooden elements, maybe you can add some stone colours to the mix. Or maybe, some colourful plants will bring the needed energy to make it all work and bind it together? With all the choices available, feel free to mix any colour schemes you deem worthy until you find what works best.

5. Tamper at room temperature

When we think about an oasis, we think about hot and humid environments. Such conditions may seem ideal for some homeowners, but horrid for others. What you need to realise is that the room temperature is in complete control over you and is an important aspect of design. Temperature is invisible, but it can be experienced, and feelings are the centerpieces of interior design when designing around Mother Nature. Some rooms you wish to be warm, comforting and inviting, and it’s here that you need to adjust the temperature to a bit warmer degree.

Think of temperature as a spiritual extension of colours. Rooms with warmer palettes require warmer temperatures and vice versa. Temperature variations can enhance or change our moods because our bodies naturally acclimate with their surroundings. Don’t think of colder temperatures as something off-putting. Meditation rooms have neutral or a bit colder temperature, and people flock to them.

6. Natural shapes

What we see all around us, made by human hands, is entirely inspired by nature. Over time we’ve delved too deep into the technical and artificial design, straying away from core principles. Take, for example, a table. A simple board with four legs. What you need to focus on is its function, which is support and stability. In nature, roots offer such functions, and a root-like wooden table brings your interior design closer to its natural core.

Window shades can be made from bamboo leaves, pots have to be from clay, and hand-weaving cloths made from organic materials are the finishing touch. Plastic and artificial materials have their place in any home, we are not denying that, but when you wish to go for a natural look, you need natural shapes and materials. Stone, wood, plants, water and other natural elements are there to make your fantasy a reality. With modern material adaptions and techniques any natural element can find its place in your home.

7. Create private space

An oasis of peace requires secluded spaces in your heart in mind. To achieve inner peace, you need help from the outside. It’s your home, after all, and you have every right to view your home as your bastion of peace. Find your special place inside and indulge yourself. Hedonistic design helps you realise that your needs reflect on your living space, and by accepting your needs and satisfying them, you will take a step closer to inner peace.

A meditative oasis of tranquility is there when you wish to separate yourself from the world. They can have a comforting feeling, one where you will feel safe. Comfy cushions, warm colours, minimal light and almost no sound, are all elements of your personal space. When you design such space, completely ignore what others say or suggest. You are in full control and designed according to your whims and desires.

8. Minimalistic elements

Each piece of your furniture is battling for your attention and its place in your space. Crowing your living space with various, but similar, pieces create discomfort and disbalance in design. For example, when you have two large tables in one room, you are suffocating their functions and wasting space. Decide what is the function of any room you wish to design. Then think about what pieces are needed to make that function shine.

From that point, you will have a clear vision of what pieces of furniture you need to place. Minimalistic design helps you get the maximum result from individual furniture as they get the chance to shine and perform. With minimalism comes freedom of movement, because you are not bumping into objects. You become the master and are in full control of the room and don’t have to restrict yourself because of all the crowded furniture in your way. In the end, all of the elements we’ve talked about come together to form your oasis.

Natural light shines on individual pieces, bringing them into the spotlight with their natural design. Airflow is free to follow your movements thru the room, as you find your place in the world and peace inside you. Such a quest needs minimal effort, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Having a safe bastion against the stress and hardship of our daily lives can be the change you’ve sorely needed. Your home is your safe space, a haven of oasis and peace that can recharge your batteries and prepare you for challenges life may throw at you. All of the elements and factors you need are present all around you.

What remains is to pick and choose which are the best and what fits your lifestyle and preferences. Some wine, coupled with an afternoon of online browsing can get you on the right track to change. The sooner you realise how important nature is in your health, the sooner you can start making changes to your living space.

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