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5 Signs It’s Time to Have Your AC Repaired

Air conditioning systems are essential to keep your home comfortable. They work effectively and efficiently when you take great care of them. However, when you mishandle the AC system, it becomes inefficient and consumes a lot of energy, increasing your energy bills. Taking care of an AC system is complex, and you might not know when to call a professional. However, various signs will indicate it is time to have your AC repaired.

AC repaired signs

1.  Sudden Spike in Utility Bills

Energy bills cover a more significant percentage of general monthly utility bills. If you have been using your AC system for a while, you have an idea of the energy it consumes. At times, you might think your AC system is running normally, but you receive an unexplained high utility bill. A sudden spike in utility bills might indicate that your AC system is not functioning correctly. That is why it is consuming more energy than expected. If you cannot tell where the problem is, it would be best to contact a professional company that offers air conditioner repair in Edmonton to inspect your AC system and carry out the needed repairs.

2.  Strange Noises

The AC system works quietly and only produces sounds when turning on or off. When your air conditioning system has an issue, you will start hearing some weird noises when it operates. The odd noises might indicate that your AC system has loose connections, broken parts, a malfunctioning fan, or issues with the motor. The strange sounds can be screeching, banging, squealing, grinding, knocking, and rattling. Each sound indicates a particular problem. Instead of trying to diagnose the issue on your own, you will need to call a professional to check and repair your AC system.

3.  Unpleasant Odors

If your air conditioning system produces unpleasant smells when you turn it on, it indicates that it needs repair. Your air conditioning system needs to make your home comfortable. Therefore, if it builds unpleasant odors, it interferes with your indoor air quality. You should not ignore the unpleasant smells because they are an indication that your AC system has a fault. A foul smell indicates that your AC system cannot correctly drain the moisture removed from your house. It might also result from burnt-out wiring, and any burnout on electric wiring is very dangerous. The unpleasant smell can negatively affect the health of your household. The moment you notice the unpleasant smell, hire a professional to repair your AC system as soon as possible.

4.  Short-Cycling

When your air conditioning system fails to attain the set temperature on the thermostat, it turns off. An effective air conditioning system will only turn off after achieving the set temperatures. When you notice that your AC system turns on and off frequently, it is an indication that it has a problem that needs repair. When your AC system runs briefly then turns off, it is called short-cycling. It increases energy consumption because the AC system will have to turn on again to attain the set temperature. Short-cycling causes wear and tear to some parts of the system, which will cost you a lot to replace. To avoid increased energy consumption, call out for repair immediately when your AC system has short cycles.

5.  Poor Airflow

Poor airflow is a significant indicator that it is time to repair your AC system. When it gets to summer, you need your AC system to cool your space and make it comfortable. Now that your system has been idle, you might think that it needs to take time to warm up before it starts cooling your home. However, that is not the case. An AC system starts functioning as soon as you turn it on. If you set your AC system to cool your home, and the system runs, but you do not feel any difference in indoor temperature, then there is an issue with airflow. In other cases, your AC system will blow warm air, and in both cases, you will need to have your AC repaired.

For your air conditioning system to function correctly, ensure you schedule regular maintenance. However, the AC system might still fail and need repair even after the check-ups. Please do not ignore any signs of a failed system. You should always call an AC system professional to repair it.

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